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RSA Authentication Manager Express Cloud Encryption with RSA Data Protection Manager DATA ENCRYPTION, TOKENIZATION, ENTERPRISEWIDE KEY MANAGEMENT

Cloud Encryption with RSA Data Protection Manager

RSA Data Protection Manager and CloudLink Secure Virtual Security Appliance provide encryption of data at-rest and in-motion in virtualized and multi-tenant environments with enterprise-controlled key management. CloudLink provides tenant-specific data encryption and enables flexible security administration control, performance monitoring, and integrated key management with RSA Data Protection Manager.

Cloud Encryption with RSA Data Protection Manager and CloudLink features include:

Enterprise-Controlled Key Management: Separates data encryption in the cloud from the encryption key management by putting the encryption keys under the control of cloud tenants. An enterprise or cloud service tenant maintains the encryption key control using its RSA Data Protection Manager server.

Regulatory Compliance: Enables enterprises to meet regulatory-compliance requirements such as PCI, HIPAA, and SOX in a multi-tenant cloud and virtualized environment.

Virtual Storage Encryption: Carves out a virtual storage volume from a shared multi-tenant cloud storage infrastructure and encrypts the virtual storage volume at block level with AES-256 encryption algorithm to ensure data security.

Secure Communications: Extends enterprise key management into the cloud by creating a secure VPN tunnel between the enterprise and external cloud environments, enabling the enterprise to manage encryption keys and extend other security-management capabilities to the cloud.

Private or Public Cloud Support: Supports VMware vSphere, VMware vCloud Director, and Amazon EC2/VPC.

Pre-Integrated Key Management: Helps to ensure easy deployment and management of these two products in the enterprise data center environment.