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Regulatory Change Management

In today’s complex regulatory environment, government and industry bodies frequently make changes to laws, regulations, and industry requirements. The regulatory compliance landscape can change quickly. Organizations face the daunting task of keeping on top of these rapidly developing changes. Missing an important piece of legislation or a change to industry standards can be devastating and result in fines, litigation, financial or reputational harm, and other negative impacts.

To meet this challenge, companies must establish processes to identify regulatory changes, research and analyze these changes, and create a “cradle-to-grave” process to track remediation and responses. However, with an increase in regulatory requirements from a variety of sources, the struggle to maintain consistency, expand coverage, and manage the process is getting more difficult.

RSA Archer Regulatory Change Management provides a centralized repository for regulatory intelligence. It enables organizations to efficiently monitor changes in laws and regulations and document and track the impact on the organization, enabling proper prioritization of efforts and allocation of resources. It also demonstrates due diligence around tracking regulatory changes—an important component of any compliance program.

Regulatory Change Management enables better business decisions by providing management with improved visibility to issues through consolidated reporting and dashboards. It also provides a consistent, repeatable process for tracking impacts to the organization. Compliance and legal teams can work directly with impacted business operations to ensure regulatory changes don’t interfere with business or cause compliance issues down the line.