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Federal Information Assurance

A federal information assurance professional faces the challenges of achieving FISMA compliance and integrating operational security data into compliance activities. RSA Archer Assessment & Authorization (A&A) demonstrates that each information system is operating at an acceptable risk level and serves as the system of record for every person, location, component, and tier as well as every piece of hardware and software and every information asset, enabling the creation of information system boundaries. Additionally, A&A can manage the full cycle of NIST RMF (800-37) activities.

The IA professional is also confronted with a dynamic cyber landscape. Since legacy tools can fail to adapt to rapidly changing security requirements, an agency can be late responding to security threats. RSA Archer Continuous Monitoring (CM) provides near-real-time insight into the security posture of every device for fast, efficient, “worst-first” risk resolution. Along with targeting high-risk devices, RSA Archer CM can inform the Authorizing Official (AO) on a range of risk decisions for A&A and FISMA compliance.

RSA Archer A&A and CM are purpose-built to solve federal information-assurance challenges and offer seamless integration and quantifiable return on investment. They can also be used with RSA Archer products such as Vendor Management and Incident Management to help your agency or department extend operational security beyond compliance.

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