EMC Product Security

Building Trust with EMC Product Security Programs

Secure Development

EMC has established a comprehensive approach to secure software development that goes across policy, people, processes, and technology.

Standardized Product Security

EMC’s internal product security standard—the EMC product security policy—is a common reference for EMC product organizations to benchmark product security against market expectations and industry best practices.

Security-aware Engineering Community

EMC offers role-based security engineering curriculum to train new and existing engineers on job-specific security best practices and how to use relevant resources. EMC strives to create a security-aware culture across its entire engineering community.

Repeatable, Secure Development Process

EMC’s security development lifecycle overlays security on standard development processes to achieve a high degree of compliance with the EMC product security policy. The EMC security development lifecycle follows a rigorous approach to secure product development that involves executive-level risk management before our products are shipped to market.

Best-in-class Security Technology

EMC has built a set of software, standards, specifications, and designs for common software security elements such as authentication, authorization, audit and accountability, cryptography, and key management using state-of-the-art RSA technology. An open interface allows integration with customers’ security architectures.


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