Foundation of Your Cloud Data Center

EMC E-Lab gives customers the confidence they need to transform their data centers. As the industry's premier interoperability testing lab, E-Lab qualifies millions of configurations featuring EMC and third-party hardware and software. Using its tremendous resources, E-Lab also tests and qualifies leading-edge cloud, big data, and application mobility solutions so that our customers can quickly and efficiently deploy them in their data centers.

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Proven interoperability

E-Lab has tested and qualified millions of different data center configurations, giving you the confidence you need to deploy leading-edge technologies
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Foundation of EMC Proven Solutions

E-Lab tests and qualifies EMC Proven Solutions, which address your most pressing business needs
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Cloud and big data assurance

E-Lab has the resources necessary to test game-changing virtualization, cloud, big data, and application mobility configurations, helping you to accelerate your journey to the cloud.