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Documentum Media Transformation Services

Documentum Media Transformation Services

Analysis and transformation activities for media formats

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EMC Documentum Media Transformation Services (MTS) performs transformation and analysis for digital media content like photos, presentations, and graphics. With Media Transformation Services, media properties are extracted when files are checked into the Documentum repository, making them easier to find. Standard document conversions like Photoshop to TIFF and repurposing PowerPoint slides can be automated to dynamically assemble new presentations and convert document images, such as electronic faxes, into searchable format.

Media Transformation Services is part of the overall EMC Documentum Content Transformation Services framework and suite of products.

EMC Documentum Media Transformation Services provides:

Features Benefits
File transformations Set up, create, and modify profiles to automatically transform digital media into multiple formats and renditions.
Workflow activities Automatically transform media to different formats during activities such as review and approval or upload and download.
Server-side operations Add server-side support for thumbnails, transformations, and property extraction for any document format.
PowerPoint transformations Save time by dynamically creating new Microsoft PowerPoint presentations using slides from existing files.
Rich media attribution Quickly locate content that has been checked into the Documentum repository by searching for attributes.
Thumbnail/storyboard support Automatically generate low-resolution thumbnails and storyboards.
XMP round-tripping Extract extensible metadata platform (XMP) attributes on check-in and index them for searching and categorization.
Optical Character Recognition (OCR) Convert document images (such as electronic faxes) into searchable PDF format.


Documentum Advanced Document Transformation Services -Provide additional PDF rendering for multipage TIFF, AutoCAD 2002, and Microsoft Visio and Project.
Documentum Audio Video Transformation Services -Transform and analyze videos and Flash animations manually or automatically.
Documentum XML Transformation Services -Provide additional PDF rendering for multipage TIFF, AutoCAD 2002, and Microsoft Visio and Project.
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