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EMC IsilonSD Edge

IsilonSD Edge


IsilonSD Edge enables you to deploy industry leading scale-out NAS operating system using industry-standard hardware.
Key benefits of IsilonSD Edge:

  • Simple yet powerful and efficient scale-out storage solution for remote and branch offices
  • Easily extends your enterprise data lake from the core data center to edge locations
  • Enables consolidation and distribution of unstructured data

IsilonSD Edge is the first Software-Defined Storage solution with the power and flexibility of EMC Isilon. Download the non-production version of IsilonSD Edge for free for unlimited time!

Watch the demo and learn how to download, install, and configure IsilonSD Edge.


IsilonSD Edge

The IsilonSD Edge download package includes:

  • • Management Server, a VMware vCenter plug-in
  • • Isilon OneFS operating system software in an Open Virtualization Archive (OVA) file
  • • Isilon InsightIQ software
  • • An Installation Guide and other documentation
File type: *.zip
File size: 3.0 GB
Release date: 8/13/2018
Version: Management Server: 1.1.0, OneFS: 8.1.2, InsightIQ: 4.1.2

System Requirements




2 vCPUs per node of the IsilonSD Edge cluster


Min. 6 GB per node of the IsilonSD Edge cluster


VMware ESXi 6.0 + vCenter 6.0 or VMware ESXi 6.5 + vCenter 6.5


2 networks (or VLANs)


VMware HCL compliant hosts and disks

For detailed deployment requirements, visit IsilonSD Edge Prerequisites.

For technical support, join the EMC Isilon Community to access documentation, user guides, FAQs and training

To purchase IsilonSD Edge for full production use, contact a Sales Associate or visit the EMC Store.

For more information about IsilonSD Edge, including the differences between the production and free versions review the IsilonSD Edge data sheet

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