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Proactive Analytics for your Storage Infrastructure

Proactive Analytics for your Storage Infrastructure

Download EMC Storage Analytics at no charge for 90 days. ESA allows you to optimize performance and diagnose issues across your physical storage and virtual machines. ESA supports several EMC platforms including Avamar, Isilon, RecoverPoint for Virtual Machines, ScaleIO, VMAX2, VMAX3, VMAX All Flash, VNX, VNXe, VPLEX and XtremIO. For further information and support, join the EMC ESA Community to access documentation and training. Ready to purchase? Speak with a Sales Associate or visit the EMC Store.


EMC Storage Analytics

If you are an existing VMware vRealize Operations Manager customer, simply download and install the EMC Storage Adapter. It includes a 90-day trial for all supported platforms that will automatically stop collecting data after 90 days.

If you are not an existing VROps customer, you must first download and install it from VMware. It includes a 60-day trial.

  • • Call your Account Representative to purchase a permanent license for the EMC Storage Adapter.
  • • Once you have purchased the product a LAC letter will be sent to you including activation details
  • • If you have any issues, open a Service Request at:https://support.emc.com/servicecenter/createSR/
  • • Licensing contact information: For live support of this product please call: 800-782-4362, option 4, option 4 (24X7).

The storage adapter installation includes:
- Installing the EMC Storage Adapter.
- Adding one or more EMC Storage Adapter instances and applying license keys from EMC.

Installing the EMC Storage Adapter

  • Download the EMC Storage Adapter (.pak file). If using Internet Explorer, the installation file downloads as a ZIP file, but functions the same way as the PAK file.
    Note: Upgrading EMC Storage Analytics overwrites the standard EMC dashboards. To customize a standard EMC dashboard, clone it, rename it, and then customize it.
EMC Storage Adapter
File type: *.pak
File Size: 71.7 MB
Release date: Oct 26, 2017
Version: 4.4

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Reporting Security Vulnerabilities

If you identify a security vulnerability in an EMC product, please report the problem immediately. Timely identification of security vulnerabilities is critical to eliminating potential threats.

Customers, partners, and other entitled users of an EMC product should contact EMC Technical Support to report security issues discovered in EMC products. The EMC Technical Support team in collaboration with the appropriate product team and the EMC Product Security Response Team will work together on addressing the issue.

Security researchers, industry groups, vendors, and other users that do not have access to EMC Technical Support can send vulnerability reports via e-mail to security_alert@emc.com. Please encrypt your message using the EMC’s PGP key. Please see http://www.emc.com/products/security/product-security-response-center.htm for more details.