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Object Storage

Download Dell EMC ECS Software for FREE with no time limit for non-production use. Code and test cloud applications, access a broad range of object API’s like S3 and OpenStack, or deploy a proof of concept (POC) environment. Software defined object storage platform from your laptop, bare metal, or commodity storage.

ECS delivers a complete object storage/HDFS solution that is Hadoop ready for big data analytics.

Technical support is available via the EMC ECS Community only. Please join the Community to access documentation, FAQ and training. You can also ask questions, initiate a discussion, or join other discussions to gain further insight in the latest ECS capabilities. If you are ready to move forward and purchase the software you can speak with a  Sales Associate or visit the EMC Store.


ECS Software

Software defined object storage platform and engineered specifically for commodity infrastructure. ECS Software delivers a complete solution with all the features and benefits you need to meet the demands of today’s object and HDFS storage requirements.

Reporting Security Vulnerabilities

If you identify a security vulnerability in an EMC product, please report the problem immediately. Timely identification of security vulnerabilities is critical to eliminating potential threats.

Customers, partners, and other entitled users of an EMC product should contact EMC Technical Support to report security issues discovered in EMC products. The EMC Technical Support team in collaboration with the appropriate product team and the EMC Product Security Response Team will work together on addressing the issue.

Security researchers, industry groups, vendors, and other users that do not have access to EMC Technical Support can send vulnerability reports via e-mail to security_alert@emc.com. Please encrypt your message using the EMC’s PGP key. Please see http://www.emc.com/products/security/product-security-response-center.htm for more details.