XtremIO, VMAX and ScaleIO


Database as a Service (DBaaS) allows IT to rapidly deliver new databases securely and much more cost effectively than a traditional siloed or discreet database deployment approach. DBaaS can help IT reduce database sprawl, support rapid provisioning, enhance security and create automated centralized management for databases. For some customers, this is also an opportunity to consolidate database and data warehouse instances to create better real-time analytics and on-demand reporting capabilities with better economic benefits afforded by consolidated storage platforms.

Oracle Enterprise Manager, for example, delivers deep management and automation capabilities for everything from configuration and change management to diagnostics and tuning. This single management approach allows admins to identify and consolidate pooled resources, set up role-based access, define the service catalog and related chargeback plans for compliance and reporting.

The pooled/shared nature of DBaaS requires storage systems with consistent superior performance, flexibility and scale-out to be positioned for this workload.The tightly coupled scale out architecture is correct for this workload.

The Spiderchart below shows the distribution and weighting of the primary workload requirements for this use case.