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All-Flash Enterprise Scale-Out SAN Array for Consistent/Predictable Latency & In-line Data Services

Product Description:

Industry-leading all-flash scale-out array that delivers high I/O performance with consistent/predictable low latency, in-line de-duplication, compression and copy data management services. Purpose-built for random-access media (SSDs), XtremIO delivers new levels of workload consolidation, application life-cycle management, consistent SLAs, OPEX savings, and admin ease-of-use.

All-Flash Array

XtremIO's clustered design scales capacity and performance linearly, while delivering consistent <1ms latency. These building building blocks (called "X-Bricks") are highly-resilient, fully active/active storage system with no single point of failure. Also integrated into most of EMC's portfolio for Business Continuity, Orchestration, Management & Converged (Vblock & VSPEX).

XtremIO Management System (XMS)

Configure with just a few clicks. XtremIO helps administrators become more efficient by provisioning storage in seconds, monitoring the environment with real-time metrics, and reporting on savings gained from thin provisioning, de-duplication and compression. XMS manages the XtremIO storage cluster (or multiple clusters), shows IOPs, Latency, Server/Volume Mapping and SSD/Flash Endurance. Can also be managed via vCenter or EMC ViPR Controller.

Why XtremIO for Service Providers:

Best $/Desktop

Leading data reduction/consolidation ratios, and consistent performance, provide the best overall value for cost-effective full clone persistent desktops.

Integrated Copy Data Management (iCDM)

Consolidate both primary data and its associated copies on the same scale-out all-flash array without impacting production SLAs.


Eliminate the issues with boot, log-in, and anti-virus scan storms; no external caching or acceleration solutions are needed.

Rapid Provisioning

Clone desktop images instantaneously, without additional space; hundreds of new desktops can be rolled out in minutes.

Simple scaling

You are empowered to easily move from pilot to large scale production. Start with a Starter X-Brick, non-disruptively expand to a full X-Brick, then to a cluster of X-Bricks as your needs grow.