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Hyper-Converged RackScale System

Product Description:

The VxRack is a hyper-converged offering from VCE. It is made up of self-contained units of servers, networking and storage. VCE's first VxRack offering combines EMC ScaleIO software on servers within a fully engineered rack, including top-of-rack network switches. EMC ScaleIO is a software-based storage virtualization technology that aggregates all of the server's direct-attached storage (DAS) disks into a shared pool of block storage.

The VxRack supports multiple hypervisors and non-virtualized bare-metal deployments. EMC end-to-end data protection secures all applications and data inside the chassis. Each rack can contain storage and compute, or just storage only node types. EMC ScaleIO software makes it easy to scale the VxRack by provisioning software-based storage. The ability to configure just the right amount of each resource makes hyper-converged infrastructure highly efficient.

Why VxRack for Service Providers:

Ultimate Agility and Simplicity, Accelerating Time-to-Value

Rapidly deploy the infrastructure needed at scale and with the following features:

  • Enables multi-tenancy with multiple storage domains, QoS enforcement, telemetry, and isolation
  • Enables multiple service levels and ability to spread data across multiple nodes and racks to ensure availability
  • Full API set available to layer into a Service Provider's existing management and orchestration layer
  • Support for multiple drive and CPU types allows Service Providers to select the right node for their business

Flexible Scale to Align with Business Growth

  • Start with as few as 4 nodes and grow to thousands
  • Expand CPU and storage independently and only expand as the business requires
  • Nodes can be re-purposed as the business changes