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Dell EMC Unity

Simple. Modern. Flexible. Affordable.

Product Description:

Simplify and Modernize with Dell EMC Unity. Dell EMC Unity platforms are flash optimized for performance, efficiency and value. Dell EMC Unity supports fully integrated SAN and NAS data services and delivers unparalleled ease of deployment, management, virtualization, protection, and cloud management.

Why Dell EMC Unity for Service Providers:


Dell EMC Unity installs in minutes, supports HTML5 based management with centralized management for multiple systems, and comes standard with all-inclusive software. Dell EMC Unity is available in all-flash, hybrid, virtual and converged models (one storage operating environment across all Dell EMC Unity deployment options).


With a 5-nines availability flash-optimized design, Dell EMC Unity supports low cost 3D NAND TLC and high capacity SSD drives to deliver consistent performance with low latency. Designed to support cloud based analytics and in-line efficiency services, Dell EMC Unity supports rich data services including unified snapshots, unified replication, encryption, tiering to the cloud and has deep VMware, Microsoft Hyper-V, and OpenStack integration.


Starting in 2U, Dell EMC Unity supports both file and block data services. Service Providers can manage and administer all file and block workloads throughout their network from a central location through simplified HTML5 workflow based configuration and provisioning - CLI and a full REST API are also supported. With all-flash, hybrid, virtual and converged deployment options, Dell EMC Unity supports IP based multi-tenancy, QoS, Unified replication, Unified snapshots and much more.


Our dual-active controller system was designed to optimize the performance, density, and cost to offer storage - to deliver all-flash performance for much less than you thought possible. Start small and scale non-disruptively to up to 5PBs raw capacity (and soon to over 15PB effective capacity).