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Software-Defined, Scale-Out SAN

Product Description:

EMC® ScaleIO® is software-defined storage that creates a server-based SAN from local application server storage to deliver elastic and scalable performance and capacity on demand.


Converges compute and storage resources in a single layer, enabling customers to maximize local storage and simplify management.


Scales from three to thousands of nodes while providing one large pool of storage. Customers can adopt a "pay-as-you-grow" buying model and eliminate capacity planning.


The parallel I/O architecture has multiple data paths, and workloads are evenly shared among all servers. Performance scales linearly with negligible impact on applications.


Two deployment options available where customers can leverage mixed server brands, configs, OS platforms, and media types.

Enterprise Grade

Provides multi-tenant capabilities and enterprise features like QoS, snapshots, and thin provisioning. There is no single point of failure as ScaleIO provides full data protection and resiliency.

Why ScaleIO for Service Providers:

Linear Scale & Performance

The more servers you add to a ScaleIO system, the faster it becomes and the better it performs.


Enables multi-tenancy with protection domains allowing customers to segment based on location or type of customers for both performance and overall data integrity.

Service Quality

Ability to control bandwidth and limit IOPS on application servers, which allows SPs to offer customers different levels of service tiers based on customer requirements.

Simplified Management

You can grow or reduce storage needs "on the fly" which eliminates the need for lengthy and complex storage provision planning and concerns about meeting SLAs.