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RecoverPoint for Virtual Machines

VM Level Recovery to Any Point in Time

Product Description:

Ensures software-defined availability and disaster recovery for VMware environments. RecoverPoint for Virtual Machines provides point in time recovery through mixed server & storage environments using synchronous & asynchronous replication. It is storage agnostic.

VM Level Granularity

Allows for a more feasible user-experience by protecting any virtual application with both dynamic synchronous and asynchronous replication. It also features digital video recorder (DVR)-like recovery within a VM/VMDK level granularity.

Built-in Orchestration & Management

Protection and DR operation are done within a vCenter plugin. RecoverPoint for VMs will orchestrate all operations including spinning-up VMs using boot sequence, customizing VM IP's, running external scripts, etc. RecoverPoint for VM's orchestration is already built in. All customers have to do is set up the application and everything else is done automatically.

100% Storage Agnostic

From a cost perspective, this saves Service Providers money due to the software being much easier to deploy. Also, by it being storage agnostic, there are no dependencies which means customers don't necessarily need to have the same storage.

Why RecoverPoint for Virtual Machines for Service Providers:

Protection at VM Granularity Including Failover of a Single or Production Restore of a Single VM

RecoverPoint for VMs allows tenants to replicate selected VMs to enable lower network utilization and reduced storage capacity. Service Providers who wish to minimize their infrastructure and hardware footprints will value RecoverPoint for VMs TCO.

Simple Orchestration

Enabling DR services is all about simplification. With RecoverPoint for VMs, tenants can protect a single VM and/or easily promote a DR operation. RecoverPoint for VMs will orchestrate the entire operation with minimal user intervention.

Multi VM Copy Protection

RecoverPoint for VMs enable multiple replication copies in a single consistency group. Your tenant can have either a local copy or a remote copy on your cloud to support operational recovery and disaster recovery.

Other tenants may ask for multiple copies in several remote geographical locations to ensure maximum protection.