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Long Term Retention (LTR)/Tape Replacement

All data centers today have backup processes in place, however two out of three have no specialized archiving processes in place, which accelerates primary storage grow - leading to higher storage costs and longer backup/recovery times. Those that do archive often continue to leverage existing backup processes for long-term data retention - backing up to tape and storing offsite for years These methodologies are not optimal for data center efficiencies, compliance or eDiscovery.

Customers should expect cloud archiving to be competitive on cost compared to using tape and in-house processes and to provide value-add functionality, such as: geographical redundancy, advanced search, media/content management.

Market Insights

451 Research end-user data reliably indicates that backup, data protection, DR and business-continuity services are among the most popular services that enterprises want to take 'to the cloud.'

Use Case and Recommended Products & Solutions

Simple capacity cost optimized long-term online repositories for backups



ECS + EMC CloudBoost

  • EMC CloudBoost enables moving data protection workloads to the cloud while minimizing resource consumption and simplifying data retrieval with local metadata
  • ECS is efficient, low cost storage that can scales linearly to 100s of TB and PBs managing multiple archives on disparate platforms or multiple sites and/or multiple network domains


Data Domain

Data Domain + EMC CloudTier

  • Native cloud tiering: Automated tiering directly from Data Domain to the public, private or hybrid cloud for long-term retention
  • Highly Scalable: Store up to 51 PB of logical capacity in the cloud
  • Lowers TCO: Send only unique data to cloud storage for reduced storage footprint and network bandwidth
  • Ensure data security: Encrypt data in the cloud
  • Flexible cloud protection: Support a broad ecosystem of backup applications and move data to a variety of public and private clouds including EMC Elastic Cloud Storage (ECS)

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