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Addressing Enterprise Class, Simultaneous Multi-protocol, Scale-out Data Lake solutions

Product Description:

Isilon is a multi-protocol storage platform to store, archive and access unstructured content at scale. Providing best-in-class scale-out architecture that allows Service Providers to address multiple file, object or HDFS workloads in single dedicated or multi-tenant storage solution.

Designed to offer SPs massive scalability and performance to enable third-platform emerging applications of Cloud, Mobile, and Big Data Analytics while providing the agility and simplicity to continue to run second-platform traditional workloads.

EMC Isilon is committed to removing the barriers that exist between businesses and their data. That's why we've designed our scale-out storage platform to serve as a powerful yet simple foundation for effective data and application management. While storage itself cannot drive a business forward, the right storage can reduce cost and complexity in a way that fuels innovation, sustains growth, and delivers competitive advantage.

Why Isilon for Service Providers:

Lower TCO

Eliminate storage silos, simplify management, and gain from over 80% storage utilization and automated tiering. Avg. FTE Ratio: 1 to 4PB.

Rapid Deployment

Isilon architecture enables one to add capacity in just seconds not hours or days, allowing the SP's to meet or beat their TTD commitment.

Increase Operational Flexibility

Isilon supports a wide range of applications and workloads in a single cluster. Protocols include: SMB, NFS, HDFS, REST, SWIFT, HTTP, FTP.

Availability, Data Protection and Security

Unmatched N+4 data protection at cluster, directory, and/or file level. Robust security options include WORM, encryption and file system auditing.