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Data Domain

Protection Storage

Product Description:

Data Domain is the industry's most efficient, scalable, reliable, cloud-ready protection storage platform.

Data Domain Operating System (DD OS)

The intelligence behind Data Domain's deduplication and data protection capabilities.

Variable-Length Deduplication

Transforms backup, archiving, and disaster recovery with high-speed deduplication.

Data Domain Data Invulnerability Architecture

Provides the industry's best defense against data integrity issues.

DD Boost

Advanced application integration delivers faster, more efficient backup.

DD Replicator

Efficiently replicate your backup and archive data.

DD Encryption

Secure backup and archive data.

Why Data Domain for Service Providers:

Secure Multi-Tenancy for Tenant Self-Service

Logically isolate tenant data enabling them to perform their own administration and reporting.

Simultaneous Usage for Replication and Backups

Use a single Data Domain as a target for tenant replication as well as client backups.

Seamless Integration With Data Protection Suite

Leverages EMC data protection software with Data Domain for industry-leading deduplication, workload support and self-service capabilities.

Lowered Cost To Serve With Data Source Integration

With DD Boost, advanced application integration reduces backup server overhead while providing better user control.

63.7% Market Share

Potential tenants are investing in on-prem Protection Storage and can easily extend that into your cloud.