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How to Cost & Price New Services

Cloud Service Modeler Description

EMC's Cloud Service Modeler (CSM) is a portal application used collaboratively with EMC sales and Cloud Service Provider product management staff to develop pricing models for service offerings based on EMC engineered solutions. Today, CSM supports cost and pricing calculations for EMC Backup as a Service , Storage as a Service, and Desktops as a Service, and will support future EMC service offerings, letting Cloud Service Providers model solution cost per subscriber to ensure service profitability before investing in a rollout. The cloud service market is fiercely competitive, so cost control and predictability remains the primary concern when considering the release of any new service. CSM addresses this need by helping to validate the financial viability of services running on EMC technology.

With a few basic inputs (for example, type of data and retention length) and the required margin, Cloud Service Providers can define cost models using CSM to derive a recommended cost per GB, per month. The application includes a library of EMC reference solutions and supports uploading standard EMC Direct Xpress or EMC Channel Xpress quotes to import pricing for a specific project.

Reference Models for Cloud Services:

Data Domain

Backup as a Service

Understand and calculate the price per GB per month for a BaaS offering utilizing Data Domain and Avamar technologies. The financial model allows the Service Provider to customize the type of data and see a how different retention policies effect cost to serve.

Click here to demo the BaaS CSM cost models.


Storage as a Service

Understand and calculate the price per GB per month for a STaaS offering utilizing different kinds of EMC storage technology including VNX, XtremIO and ECS. The financial model allows the Service Provider to compare and contrast different types of storage to find the most cost effective and profitable solution.

Click here to demo the STaaS CSM cost models.


Desktops as a Service

Develop a cost to serve model for delivering a virtual desktop using EMC's XtremIO technology. The model allows for creation and cost analysis of desktop service tiers to meet sizing and performance needs.

Click here to demo the DaaS CSM cost models.