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Application Dev & Test

Application Dev & Test (often as part of an agile or DevOps effort) offerings are designed to support the entire application lifecycle (development, testing, deployment, runtime, hosting [either self-provided or by a third party] and delivery) on a single platform. Internal developers can create custom applications, and ISVs can create packaged applications.

A cutting edge DevOps practice coupled with a passionate agile development methodology demands a highly ambitious Continuous Integration strategy that is highly virtualized and automated. Engineering leaders need to provide a liberating storage infrastructure to keep pace with their strategies. The storage platform supporting the testing environments must be simple, flexible, programmable, and highly-scalable; with lighting fast performance - seconds count! It must also be cost effect at scale, deliver a strong ROI and offer unique innovative future-proof advantages against a build-it-in-house alternative. Fast evolving businesses that want to open up new markets and implement disruptive strategies via the use of rich software tools, applications and SaaS need to solve the testing needs.

Market Insights

Industry Analysts anticipate continued growth in DevOps revenue in North America, the geographical mix will shift to APJ, EMEA and South America approaching 2018 as vendors' investments to expand in these regions begin to generate traction and spur revenue growth.

Use Case and Recommended Products & Solutions

Application and Software development, testing, deployment and delivery



Managed hosting and Hybrid Cloud Services


  • Amplify performance across the entire software development lifecycle with best in class linearly scalable, sub-millisecond All-Flash IOPS
  • Accelerate innovation & experimentation with reduced Time-to-Market schedules and free Zero Overhead writable clones
  • Writeable snapshots and VM copy services enable 1000s of integration test VMs to be manipulated via automation every minute, with zero performance impact across the entire developer workflow
  • Lower CAPEX and OPEX costs, simplify management costs, and provides the best All-flash lifecycle value to deliver a lower TCO


Dell EMC Unity

Modernize and Simplify with Dell EMC Unity

Dell EMC Unity

  • Simple, Modern, Flexible and Affordable Storage
  • Unified storage for all workloads
  • Best in class $/GB and $/IOPs



Hyper-Converged Infrastructure


  • Rapid deployment
  • Flexible scaling to support business requirements



Provide extensibility to existing architecture for additional capabilities


  • Unmatched scalability from three to thousands of servers
  • Massive performance - 10M+ IOPS
  • Flexibility of deployment and choice of infrastructure
  • Enterprise features (QoS) and multi-tenant capabilities
  • Compelling economics - low TCO

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