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There are two specific use cases for the Backup Target workload:

  1. Tier 1 applications such as MS SQL & Sharepoint or Oracle DB, Tier 2 applications as well as backing up NAS (Network Attached Storage). The data from these applications will often have a high level of redundancy both at the file level and sub-file level.
  2. Applications whose data does not have a high degree of commonality (ex: Video files). The data from these applications will not benefit from a backup target that provides data de-duplicaiton services.

Central to any backup operation would be a backup software that is responsible tracking the metadata about "what was backed up" as well as cataloging "where the backup replicas are located” as well as policy management of the backed up content. The backup software will send the data to the backup target and the three key traits of any device that acts as a backup target are $/GB, the ability to scale up as backup libraries grow and the ease of management throughout its lifecycle.

The Spiderchart below shows the distribution and weighting of the primary workload requirements for this use case.