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Solve your most complex and sensitive security challenges, manage organizational risk, safeguard mobile access and collaboration, prevent online fraud, and defend against advanced threats with EMC security solutions.

ViPR validated

Bloombase StoreSafe delivers turnkey, agentless, non-disruptive, application-transparent data at-rest encryption security from physical/virtual data center, through big data, to the cloud.

Key Benefits and Features:

  • Protect sensitive classified data and trade secrets against leakage and breach
  • Secure on-premise SAN, NAS, DAS, CAS, object store, tape library, VTL, hypervisor datastore and off-premise cloud storage by a unified solution
  • Enable organizations to meet data privacy regulatory compliance requirements easily
  • Protect structured data in databases, ERP, CRM and unstructured BI, analytics, file service, content management, backup, archive, and VDI data
  • Provide NIST FIPS 140-2 security proven and IEEE 1619 compliant encryption of stored data
  • Support PKCS#11 and OASIS KMIP key management tools
  • Support deployment as software appliance, virtual appliance and compute instance
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Bloombase StoreSafe

EMC VNX, VNXe, ViPR, Atmos, NetWorker

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