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EMC Technology Connect – Advantage



Explore the products you can validate or integrate with. The EMC Advantage Technology Connect Program includes opportunities to design cloud computing architectures, integration with world-class storage, and EMC backup, archive, and management software.

Backup, Recovery, and Archive


EMC Avamar delivers fast, efficient backup and recovery through a complete software and hardware solution. Since Avamar deduplicates at the server level, it reduces local network traffic and is ideal for low data change rates such as VMware, network-attached storage (NAS), remote offices, desktops, and laptops. Avamar software allows full integration with EMC Data Domain system among others.

Data Domain

EMC Data Domain offers deduplication storage systems for next-generation backup, recovery, and archiving. Data Domain is designed to integrate into any existing backup environment with very little effort and is ideal for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) who want to use their existing backup software and typically have larger data stores and higher data change rates within their environments.

EMC SourceOne Archiving Family

The EMC SourceOne Archiving family of products encompasses advanced archiving software that improves user productivity, providing seamless access to archived email, files, and Microsoft SharePoint content. Proactive information management helps with litigation readiness and a centralized archive accelerates high-volume discovery searches and enables secure legal holds.


EMC NetWorker backup and recovery software centralizes, automates, and accelerates data backup and recovery across your IT environment. NetWorker supports a wide range of industry-leading deduplication solutions including Data Domain and Avamar.

Enterprise/Cloud/Big Data Storage Portfolio from EMC


EMC Atmos is an object-based cloud storage platform to store, archive, and access unstructured content at scale. Atmos provides the essential building blocks for enterprises and service providers to transform to private, hybrid, and public cloud storage. Designed to support large multisite, multitenant, active-active environments, it allows the application and storage to run anywhere and provide metering and chargeback capabilities based on bandwidth and consumption.


Centera is a content-addressable storage (CAS) platform for data archiving. Centera provides content authenticity, governance and compliance, long-term retention, and high availability with maximum efficiency and low total cost of ownership (TCO).


EMC Isilon scale-out NAS provides a powerful, simple, efficient way to consolidate and manage enterprise data and applications. Like EMC Atmos, it’s designed to support large multisite, multitenant, active-active environments, it allows the application and storage to run anywhere and provide metering and chargeback capabilities based on bandwidth and consumption.


EMC Unisphere is a simple, integrated experience for managing the EMC VNX family of products, EMC CLARiiON, and EMC Celerra storage systems through both a storage and virtualization lens. It’s designed to provide simplicity, flexibility, and automation—key requirements for the journey to the cloud.

VNX Family

The EMC VNX family of products is high-performing, unified storage with unsurpassed simplicity and efficiency, optimized for virtual applications. It’s ideal for OEM vendors looking to address specific vertical markets targeting midmarket companies and enterprises.

VNX HPC Series

EMC VNX High-Performance Computing (HPC) Series is a preconfigured hardware and software appliance. Designed specifically to simplify Terascala Lustre deployments where parallel I/O for HPC applications is required, the VNX HPC series delivers 10s of gigabits per second (GB/s) bandwidth and 10s of petabytes of capacity.

VNX Series Gateway

EMC VNX Series Gateways provide high-performing NAS with unsurpassed simplicity, efficiency, and record-breaking file-system performance. With the VNX Series Gateways, you’ll add scalable file access to existing EMC Symmetrix, EMC VNX, and/or EMC CLARiiON storage platforms.

VNXe Series

The EMC VNXe Series is an affordable unified storage platform for smaller businesses. The VNXe Series gives you automated, application-ready storage with solution-focused software that’s easy to manage, provision, and protect. It’s ideal for OEM vendors looking to address specific vertical markets targeting small- to medium-sized businesses.

Information Intelligence

Build and market integrations between your software products and EMC information intelligence products. Alternately, develop and sell complete applications that leverage EMC information intelligence technology.

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Infrastructure Management Solutions

EMC ViPR Software-Defined Storage

A lightweight, software-only solution that transforms your existing storage environment into a simple, extensible and open platform, that can deliver fully automated storage services and realize the full potential of the Software-Defined Data Center.


Develop secure solutions for mutual customers by making your products interoperable with RSA products and solutions.

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