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Infrastructure Management

Optimize storage resources to achieve application service level and cost objectives using storage management built for the cloud. Transform existing heterogeneous storage into a simple, open, and extensible virtual storage platform.

VSPEX validated

Centerity is a Next-Gen, End-to-End IT Monitoring & Business Service Management (BSM) Platform for an organization’s entire IT monitoring needs. Centerity provides real-time business analytics regarding the status, performance and availability of all IT assets in complex, hybrid environments (physical, virtual, application & cloud).

Named a Gartner Cool Vendor in IT Operations, Centerity can provide a complete business intelligence layer across all IT assets via cross domain impact, predictive, trend & root cause analysis.

Centerity’s unique, unified platform is deployable as a single software appliance containing all features an organization will need for superior Time-to-Value, TCO & ROI.

Target Markets:

  • MSP
  • CSP
  • Mid to Large Enterprises
  • All Verticals

Key Features:

  • Unified Platform
  • Agentless & Agent-based Capture
  • Federated & Multi-Tenanted Architecture
  • Executive Dashboards
  • Automation, Visualization & Discovery
  • SAP HANA, Hadoop, NoSQL
  • SLA Reporting
  • OpenStack
EMC Interoperability Environment

Centerity Monitor

VCE, VISION, VSPEX, VNX, VMAX, Hybrid Cloud, Hybrid Converged Infrastructure, All EMC Products

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ViPR validated

DataTrust Solutions (DTS) develops software and provides services enabling organizations to move data from legacy file and email archives to new storage, while adhering to compliance and retention requirements of their industries.

Migration Software for EMC Centera

  • Transparent Migrations providing users and applications full access to their data
  • Verification of Files Migrated using content based hash (MD5)
  • Chain of Custody Reporting to help maintain compliance
  • Application Aware – automatically updating apps like EnterpriseVault, SourceOne & others

Backup & Recovery Software for EMC Centera

  • Compliant Copy for HIPAA & SEC 2nd copy requirements
  • Flexible Storage Options including NAS, Cloud, CAS
  • Protection from Irrecoverable Data Loss

Compliant NAS Copy

  • Migrates data from NetApp & NAS to new compliant EMC storage
  • Transfers Retention Information, metadata, last file access dates
EMC Interoperability Environment

Migration Software for EMC Centera

Backup and Recovery Software for EMC Centera

Compliant NAS Copy

EMC Centera, Isilon, VNX, VNXe, Atmos, Data Domain

EMC Centera, Isilon, VNX, VNXe, Atmos, Data Domain

EMC Isilon, Data Domain, Atmos

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VSPEX validated

Eaton delivers power management, monitoring and protection solutions to simplify power infrastructure deployment for VSPEX. Eaton’s solutions include power protection, power distribution, rack enclosures and cable management.

Eaton’s award-winning Intelligent Power Manager (IPM) software seamlessly integrates into VSPEX to monitor and manage power, measures power consumption to help calculate power usage effectiveness (PUE), and triggers live migration of virtual machines and graceful shutdown initiation during extended power outages.

Eaton’s integration with VMware and Microsoft hypervisors in a VSPEX infrastructure allows you to:

  • Manage your power infrastructure through virtualization tools in use today
  • Maintain business continuity through disaster recovery initiation and load-shedding capabilities
  • Protect your IT investment from power anomalies and environmental threats
EMC Interoperability Environment

Eaton Intelligent Power Manager (IPM) software with ePDU and UPS


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Load DynamiX’s product suite combines a workload modeling and performance validation solution (software) with a high-powered load generation appliance (hardware) capable of generating massive loads that can drive storage systems past their maximum capabilities so that “breaking points” can be identified before production deployment:

  • Load DynamiX Workload Insight Manager is a software suite for workload modeling that creates workload scenarios that can be run on workload generation appliances.
  • Load DynamiX Appliances are used to generate traffic based on workload models and access patterns that have been configured by the Workload Insight Manager. They support FC, iSCSI, NFS, SMB/CIFS, HTTP/s, CDMI and OpenStack Swift.

The integration of Load DynamiX with EMC storage enables users to accelerate the deployment of new services and applications while maximizing performance and uptime.

EMC Interoperability Environment

Load DynamiX 10G Series Appliance

Load DynamiX FC Series Appliance

Load DynamiX Virtual 10G Appliance




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The Route Explorer™ System is used by IP/MPLS network engineers, planners and operators at the world’s largest service providers and enterprises. It provides visibility into routing and traffic behavior with real-time monitoring, back-in-time forensics, what-if modeling, and reporting, to:

  • Reduce resolution timefor obscure and intermittent problems
  • Increase network resiliency and performance
  • More accurately plan for new services

Route Explorer, the base product, provides IGP and BGP routing analytics. Optional modules extend these capabilities for specific topologies:

  • VPN Explorer™ for L2/L3 VPN services
  • Multicast Explorer for multicast routing
  • TE Explorer for RSVP-TE tunnels

The Traffic Explorer™ module records flow data (e.g. NetFlow) and, combined with Route Explorer and any/all of the above modules, provides unique visibility into traffic paths across the entire network.

EMC Interoperability Environment
The Route Explorer System EMC Service Assurance Suite

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VSPEX validated

Vistara is the first SaaS solution to be validated by EMC Labs as a management solution for VSPEX. Vistara integrates with the individual elements of the VSPEX infrastructure, workloads and federated cloud services to provide a single pane of glass view for unified IT lifecycle management.

  • Simple VSPEX Management – Manage your environment with a single dashboard across both the physical and virtual elements of a VSPEX infrastructure solution from the bottom to the top of the stack.
  • Unified Cloud Management – Monitor and manage VSPEX private cloud, alongside public cloud and on-premise infrastructure to deliver federated cloud services.
  • Federated Service Management – Align infrastructure operations to business applications by monitoring and managing the health, availability, and performance of IT services that depend any distributed infrastructure elements.
EMC Interoperability Environment

Vistara Lifecycle Management


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Ensures applications get required resources to operate reliably while enabling efficient use of virtualized infrastructure. It leverages real-time performance characteristics, resource capacity, system constraints and service level priorities to recommend and automate configurations and workload placement. Control Modules provide further control of Storage and Fabric layers.

  • Assure workload performance and efficiency of hypervisor and underlying storage infrastructure, through resource allocation decisions with intelligent workload placement, movement and sizing of volumes/LUNs and aggregates/storage pools
  • Minimize storage latency and IO bottlenecks
  • Examine thin provisioning in both virtualization and storage domains

Holistically optimizes the hypervisor, storage and fabric in converged infrastructures

EMC Interoperability Environment

VMTurbo Operations Manager

VMTurbo Storage Control Module

VMTurbo Fabric Control Module




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