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Leverage technology partners that offer validated products to complete your customer solutions.


Moving to cloud means gaining faster response to business needs and bridging the gap between traditional and next-generation applications for new revenue opportunities. Explore the cloud solutions available from EMC Technology Connect for Advantage Partners.


Avi Networks

Avi Networks gives you public-cloud-like flexibility for application services beyond load balancing including analytics, predictive autoscaling, micro-segmentation, and self-service IT in any private or public cloud. Unlike legacy ADCs which are static, and cause overprovisioning and overspending, the Avi Vantage Platform delivers agile, software defined application services that mirrors next generation data center architectures. The Avi Vantage architecture provides a centrally managed, dynamic service fabric on standard x86 servers, VMs, or containers, to deliver granular services close to individual applications. Fortune 500 technology, media, and financial services companies use Avi Networks to deliver automated application services, enable self-service, and lower TCO.

EMC Interoperability Environment
Avi Vantage SW for load balancing & other application services Dell EMC Enterprise Hybrid Cloud

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Cloud 66 is DevOps as a Service. Providing a full stack container management system, combined with full scale developer-friendly functionality, allows IT teams to build, manage and maintain infrastructure on any public or private infrastructure.


  • Simple to use – combination of browser, API and command line interfaces allows full control while maintaining flexibility.
  • Full flexibility – customization point to integrate with a wide range of configuration management systems as well as public and private cloud providers
  • Support for VM and non-VM environments – deployment of infrastructure onto a hybrid mix of virtualized and physical servers for total control.
EMC Interoperability Environment
Cloud 66 Hosted DellEMC HyperConverged Offerings such as Neutrino, VxRack, and VxRail
Cloud 66 Enterprise ScaleIO, REX-Ray, and RackHD

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Rancher is a complete, open-source platform for deploying and managing containers in production. It includes commercially-supported distributions of Kubernetes, Mesos, and Docker Swarm, making it easy for customers to run containerized apppcations on any infrastructure.

From the ground up, Rancher was designed to solve all of the critical challenges necessary to run all of your apppcations in containers. Rancher orchestrates all of the necessary infrastructure services for containers, including networking, storage services, host management, load balancing and more. All of these services work across any infrastructure, and make it simple to repably deploy and manage apppcations.

For example, with Rancher, users can instantly provision a Kubernetes cluster across any hosts, and attach an overlay networking and ScaleIO storage platform to depver a fully portable compute environment with high-quapty persistent storage.

EMC Interoperability Environment
EMC Isilon Series REX-Ray
EMC Scale IO  

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