Offering Description
Level-0 (L0) Support
  • Open service request for end user
  • Conduct sufficient problem isolation using pre-defined script
  • Escalate call to L1 for problem resolution, if necessary
Level-1 (L1) Support
  • Deliver resolution for issues with known solutions
  • Provide service request status updates to End-User
  • Collect and submit error information to Level 2 Technical Support, if necessary
  • Provide general information and “how to” support
Level-2 (L2) Support
  • Isolate, troubleshoot and re-create issue (if necessary) to identify the source of the issue
  • Define issue resolution action plan
  • Deliver advanced support on the products and the end-users environment
Level-3 (L3) Support
EMC Provided
  • Run engineering diagnostic for unidentified errors or existing bugs
  • Collaborate with L2 on issue recreation and root cause analysis
  • Deliver resolution for bugs that have been identified, but the solution has not yet been published
  • Generate end-user workarounds
  • Track issue descriptions, bug fixes, case status, and case root cause analysis
  • Assist L2 with the issue determination and root cause analysis (if necessary)
Hardware Break/Fix
  • Deliver support required to complete a service request at equipment location
  • Onsite defective spare parts replacement (as determined in Levels 1-3)
  • Perform installation of field change orders
Remote Connection
(24x7 Monitoring)
  • Provides secure connection to remote EMC technical support facility to monitor equipment status
  • Service requests can be opened
  • Dispatch of EMC and/or OEM resources when required

OEM Solutions

Power Your Designs For A Data-Centric World

The OEM Services program provides you with flexibility to include services that complement your business model. You can choose to be trained to deliver EMC Services yourself, or you can also leverage EMC Global Services to deliver them on your behalf. With a growing portfolio of services available, EMC works with each OEM to determine the right relationship that suit their solutions.

Support Services
The first step is to decide what support model (remote or onsite) suits your capabilities and customer needs. From there, you determine what level of support you provide (Note that the level of support you assume on EMC technology makes you eligible for potential maintenance discounts).

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If you want to deliver services yourself, EMC OEM Services provides you the same world-class training and certification as EMC Global Services professionals so you'll be on top of the latest innovations that EMC has to offer. This enables you to build the capabilities to deliver a range of technology-specific services that increase revenue and profit potential by delivering proven EMC methodologies. We support you by providing:

Award winning, comprehensive training, certification, and skill maintenance for EMC technologies and techniques.

Skill building and guidance
Use online labs to connect theoretical to practical training and streamline the mentoring process.

Resources and tools
Access to proprietary EMC intellectual property such as best practices, online support tools, delivery tools and methodologies.

OEM support
Real-time support in resolving technical problems during implementations and customer escalations.

Learn more about how you can work EMC to include high-value services into your solutions.