OEM Solutions

Power Your Designs For A Data-Centric World

EMCs portfolio of products and services are ideally suited to the data intensive designs that span a broad spectrum of industries. Industry verticals where we have particular expertise include:


From the edge of networks to the core, EMC technology is behind a wide range of designs including: Business Support Systems (BSS), content management solutions, core network equipment, data analysis and compression, encryption and network security, fraud management, LTE network infrastructure, M2M, network management, Operational Support Systems (OS), and VOIP systems.


Automation systems, process control, facilities and operations management, test and measurement.

Security and surveillance

Physical security, intelligence, facility operations, and transportation systems.

Media and broadcasting

Acquisition and production equipment, distribution and delivery, display systems, radio systems, digital asset management and storage, video processing, workflow systems, audio production and recording, and digital signage.

Medical and life sciences

Electronic Medical Records, medical imaging and image management, cardiology PACS, operating room systems, radiology PACS, biotechnology lab test and monitoring equipment.


Power systems, demand response, generation, utility management, customer operations, smart grid, modeling and high-performance computing, seismic systems.