OEM Solutions

Power Your Designs For A Data-Centric World

As an OEM customer, you rely on the quality of EMC products, services, and brand as an extension of your own designs.

Now, through the EMC Powered promotional program, you benefit from being able to differentiate your industry solutions by identifying EMC as a critical ingredient on hardware, in marketing collateral, and online. The EMC Powered logo reminds your customers that your solution contains genuine EMC hardware and software and offers quality, reliability, and compatibility from the world’s largest storage vendor.

What are the benefits?

  • Allow you to promote EMC as an ingredient along with your brand of hardware *
  • Generate immediate credibility for your EMC Powered technology with your customers
  • Co-advertise with EMC in print collateral, online, and at industry events where the EMC Powered solution is being demonstrated
  • Mention EMC technology as a key ingredient through PR and social media

To be eligible for the EMC Powered program, customers are required to have a signed OEM agreement with EMC and must abide by the specific usage terms of the program. Contact your EMC OEM Sales Representative for more details.

* Subject to EMC placement guidelines