OEM Solutions

Power Your Designs For A Data-Centric World

EMC believes that OEM designs of the future should be data-centric. Not only should your designs continue to maximize transaction performance at the lowest possible cost but also they should generate new profit pools. How? By harnessing the ever-expanding data they generate and developing new features that manage this data in a way that is optimized, secure, and intelligent.

What Makes Us Different?

  • Leadership, Size, and Scale - your EMC-powered solution is backed by a recognized leader in IT along with a global supply chain and services that no other storage vendor can match.
  • OEM First - we have a dedicated global OEM organization that understands design-driven businesses like yours.
  • Flexibility- OEM-class products and services along with customization capabilities that align with your vision.
  • Engineering Mindset - our engineering heritage promotes innovation and EMC has a proven track record of investment in R&D that will stand behind your design.
  • A Unique Point of View - Design for Data
The following is a roadmap of how you could consider expanding your designs for this new data-centric world.