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OEM Solutions

Power Your Designs For A Data-Centric World

Big Data Analytics

Transform your industry designs into predictive customer information with EMC original equipment manufacturer (OEM) solutions for big data analytics.
  • Icon: Pivotal

    Pivotal Analytics

    Comprehensively analyze big data to provide predictive business intelligence along with IT and operational insights to deliver big answers.
  • Icon: Pivotal

    Pivotal Chorus

    Enable data science teams to search, explore, visualize, and import data from anywhere in the organization with this analytic productivity platform.
  • Icon: Pivotal

    Pivotal DCA

    Gain a fast-loading, highly-scalable, data coprocessing platform for big data analytics with this all-in-one appliance.
  • Icon: Pivotal

    Pivotal Gemfire

    Leverage dynamic scalability, high performance, and database-like persistence with this distributed data management platform.
  • Icon: Pivotal

    Pivotal Greenplum Database

    Take advantage of the most scalable mission-critical analytical database with the industry-leading massively parallel processing (MPP) database offering.
  • Icon: Pivotal

    Pivotal HD

    Use enterprise-hardened Hadoop as well as advanced SQL query services that make Hadoop more stable and usable.
  • Icon: Pivotal

    Pivotal One

    Gain real-time, high-capacity analytics, cloud independence, and modern programming frameworks with the first consumer-grade enterprise platform-as-a-service (PaaS).
  • Icon: Pivotal

    Pivotal Performance and Monitoring

    Monitor all of your database processes and generate detailed operational, statistical, and analytical reports.
  • Icon: Pivotal

    Pivotal SQLFire

    Achieve dynamic scalability and high performance for modern, data-intensive applications with this in-memory distributed SQL database.
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