Waves of Change

Cloud is the next wave of change.

Built on disruptive technologies that lead to lasting change, cloud is the answer to these dilemmas. Cloud offers dramatic benefits to organizations in cost efficiency and agility.

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The industry is in the midst of a shift.


With massive disruption in IT, cloud is cost efficient and agile. In order to run the business of IT, organizations must juggle efficiency, productivity, and environmental control while offering choice. Cloud answers these issues.

Within this new world of cloud, there will be a horizontal re-layering of IT. The entire world will be virtualized pools of compute, of storage and of network. This leaves organizations with a much more agile and cost efficient infrastructure. By adopting cloud computing, organizations can achieve a lower cost of operations while spending more money on innovations within IT.

Old World
cloud replaces
"old world"
need for dedicated,
vertical stacks
New World
"new world" is
virtual, featuring
dynamic pools of
compute and storage

Private Cloud

The way organizations get to these benefits is by going to the cloud – but what does that mean? Does that mean taking everything to a public cloud, which is simple, low cost, flexible and dynamic? It does. But what about ensuring Enterprise IT is trusted, controlled, reliable and secure? Most companies require a combination of both sets of characteristics.

The private cloud is the best of both worlds – providing the security and reliability of enterprise IT with the simplicity and agility of cloud.

Private Cloud
The best of both worlds and a priority for IT

Cloud Strategy

A survey conducted by Gartner shows overwhelmingly that businesses are on board with pursuing a private cloud strategy.

Cloud Strategy
Q. Will you pursue a private cloud
strategy by 2014?
Gartner, “Top Five Trends for Private Cloud Computing”, February 2012.