Paths to
Private Cloud

  • Option #1: Build Your Own

    When an organization chooses a “build your own” infrastructure, they have the flexibility to choose each and every part of their solution. It is the ultimate in flexibility, providing the opportunity to design a solution that is perfectly suited for their business.

    The option to build your own using “best of breed” components gives you flexibility – but lacks simplicity.

    The challenge is that it's not that easy – it requires time, money, expertise and risk acceptance that the vast majority of companies can ill afford. Additionally, there is a lot of work involved, and it's just not that simple.

    In part due to this method's lack of simplicity, it is forecasted that by 2017, the market will dramatically turn away from “build your own” as an option for deploying infrastructure.

    CI% of Worldwide Hardware TAM
    The market is moving away from legacy "build your own" towards proven solutions
    Wikibon, “Converged Infrastructure Market Forecast”, August 2012.
  • Option #2: Converged Infrastructure

    Vblock, the industry's leading converged infrastructure solution, has experienced strong adoption having been deployed at over 500 companies in less than 3 years.

    Vblock systems have been so successful because they address the lack of simplicity inherent to the “build your own” method.

    Vblock is truly converged infrastructure delivered as a single product.

    There is nothing to assemble. There is a single point of management and a single point of support for the whole stack. It is the simplest solution, offering the fastest time to deployment and the lowest total cost of ownership.

    However, Vblock is very prescriptive in the type of server, hypervisor, and networking gear used, because it's easier to manage and has a lower total cost of ownership.

    Yet some customers need the flexibility of “build your own” and the simplicity of converged infrastructure.

  • Completing the spectrum of choice…
    Option #3: EMC VSPEX

    By taking the simplicity of deployment available through the converged infrastructure option, and the flexibility from the “build your own” option, all while combining it with the efficiency and performance all companies demand, EMC created VSPEX.

    VSPEX is a reference architecture proven by EMC and packaged and delivered as a complete solution by EMC channel partners.

    WATCH: Proven by EMC. Packaged by partners.

An Easy Path to the Cloud

Simple and Flexible.

Flexible to suit an organization's technology preferences, VSPEX is designed to leverage a company's existing IT infrastructure. Organizations can choose the hypervisor, server and networking technology that their business demands and combine it with EMC's industry-leading storage and backup technology to create a VSPEX of their design.

Because VSPEX is tested and validated by EMC, organizations can deploy VSPEX quickly and with full confidence in the interoperability and performance of the stack.

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Technology Partners

Industry Collaboration Powers VSPEX.

EMC collaborates closely with the leading providers of IT infrastructure to ensure VSPEX can be built with an organization's choice of technology from best-of-breed providers. This deep collaboration drives integration between the components of VSPEX solutions resulting in efficiencies that drive the success of an organization's business.

EMC's collaboration within the IT infrastructure industry ultimately ensures that an organization's VSPEX just plain works.

Technology Partners