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“With EMC and VMware our hardware costs are one-fifth what they were. Just virtualizing our ERP alone netted us about a half-million dollars in savings per year and decreased our support requirements by 30 percent”
–Manitoba Liquor Control
“If you’re over-allocating CPU in an Oracle environment you’re paying for those licenses. Virtualization allows you to only allocate CPU you need to run therefore decreasing license cost to Oracle”
–American Tire Distributors
“You need to look very carefully into Oracle licensing agreements. If you put Oracle software into virtual machines then you can run many VMs on the same physical cores and pay less”
“With EMC VMAX 10K we were able to take on nearly three times more Oracle I/O and achieved an impressive 33 percent faster storage response time.”
–Zebra Technologies
“When Oracle was running on older systems, we had a latency of about five milliseconds on Oracle redo log file systems. With VMAX, and due to FAST, that latency has been reduced to two milliseconds.”
“EMC Unified Storage proved more than five times faster than the previous storage system. This is a completely new paradigm for us.”
“Our EMC VNX implementation began to pay for itself immediately thanks to faster performance. We can get more processing power, spread out over a smaller number of disks, cost effectively.”
-Cancer Research UK

Included with that cost savings could triple Oracle performance and spend 10X less time tuning Oracle databases. EMC FAST VP prioritizes storage resources based on virtualized Oracle database requirements and leverages flash technology to boost performance, while optimizing Oracle database cores to reduce TCO.


Oracle DBAs and IT infrastructure teams will be 10x more productive on daily tasks using EMC and VMware data mobility and protection software for Oracle. Leveraging EMC virtual infrastructure, new Oracle instances, servers, and storage can be provisioned in minutes and Oracle Databases can be restored during patches or upgrades much faster.

“With VMware and EMC virtual provisioning, we’re able to better meet the demands of our business because of rapid provisioning at lower cost.
-Cengage Learning
“In the past it was costly. We would have to acquire a big machine—and it could take weeks to deliver a new Oracle server. Now, one person can do it in an hour with no need for additional equipment”
“We can quickly add storage and servers to meet real time business requirements, which previously could take days or even weeks.
-Louisville Water
“Our Oracle DBA and I agree we’d never want to work on Oracle without VMware. It makes everything so much easier from upgrades to database recoveries to patching”

EMC IT runs one of the world’s largest virtualized Oracle environments. A recent ESG audit* tracked EMC transformation over the past 8 years moving to over 90% virtualization.

During this transformation, despite tremendous growth, EMC IT spend on maintenance has steadily decreased while CAPEX and OPEX savings have increased.

Today, EMC can provision new IT resources in ~1 day versus 90 days before increasing IT agility


To help empower Oracle DBAs, EMC has established an open community for Oracle DBAs to interact directly with EMC’s Oracle Subject Matter Experts around the world.

This community acts as a centralized resource for DBAs to gain free access to all of EMC’s documented solutions for Oracle, as well as provides an interactive forum to discuss and share best practices with not only EMC’s experts, but fellow Oracle customers as well.

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