EMC MegaLaunch – Speed To Lead

Viewing on the EMC Network:

PC and MAC users: see the event online.
Internal viewers can watch the event videos on Channel EMC.

Note: Significant viewing of the event from the same office location could result in network congestion.
Should you experience slow performance of the video, please try again later or view the event it off the network (see instructions below) on EMC.com.

Viewing off the EMC Network:

View the event from an external network connection - do not log into the VPN.
Once off-network, please proceed directly to http://www.emc.com/microsites/speed2lead/index.htm

View the event from an iOS device - iPhone, iPad, Android or other supported smart device.
Proceed directly to http://www.emc.com/microsites/speed2lead/index.htm

Note, if you are connecting via an EMC mobile device do not use the internal WIFI network.