EMC Chairman and CEO Joe Tucci, with CMO Jeremy Burton, talks about transforming IT in his keynote address at Oracle OpenWorld.

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    EMC Breakout Sessions at OOW

    Sunday September 30 @ 9am

    Room 2014 Moscone West—VPLEX Metro provides highly available, active/active access to data within and across data centers. Oracle Real Application Clusters (Oracle RAC) provides a scale-out, highly available database that can survive node failures without any downtime. By combining these technologies and stretching Oracle RAC clusters between sites, you can increase application availability, reduce the complexity of your operations, and eliminate wasteful standby resources by fully leveraging them at all times. This session describes the deployment architecture and the benefits of the solution and dives into the details of how it seamlessly handles component- and site-level failures.

    • Sam Lucido—Oracle Global Functional Leader, EMC Corporation
    • Donald Kirouac—Consulting Corporate Systems Engineer, EMC Corporation
    Monday Oct 1 @ 10:45 am

    Room 236, Moscone South—Once Oracle databases are deployed one of the most common challenges for Oracle DBAs is protecting and recovering those databases from logical corruption or physical outages if they occur. Oracle DBAs today have access to fast, highly efficient replication and recovery capabilities within storage to protect not just database information, but Oracle middleware and applications data as well. This can help DBAs define specific recovery strategies for databases and applications based on business policies for recovery times and data loss. This session will review best practices to design for complete data protection to perform recovery locally or remotely to any point in time provisioning and use 50% less CPU and storage.

    • Mehran Hadipour, EMC Corporation
    • Donald Rush, EMC Corporation
    Monday Oct 1 @4:45pm

    Room 236, Moscone South—One of the most common considerations every Oracle customer faces today is the time it takes to create and maintain copies of Oracle production data for multiple purposes, such as test and development or setup of maintenance and QA environments. This can typically take many IT organizations hours or days to complete. This session discusses leveraging storage-based snapshots with Oracle Database 11g's CloneDB feature to quickly copy a multi-terabyte production Oracle Database instance in seconds. It includes a demo showing the Oracle Database 11g Direct NFS client and CloneDB feature over unified storage in single-instance and cluster/grid deployments. It also shares documented best practices for capacity and recovery planning for Oracle DBAs during replication.

    • Jeff Browning—Webmaster, EMC Corporation
    • Dave Wild—Solution Product Manager, EMC Corporation
    Tuesday Oct 2 @1015am

    Room 309, Moscone South—Nearly all Oracle Database customers today are seeking ways to increase the performance of their databases deployed in online transaction processing (OLTP) or data warehouse environments. With the advancements of flash technology and powerful new database classification software from EMC, Oracle DBAs have the choice to leverage flash technology to boost Oracle Database performance up to 3x and dramatically improve response times. More importantly, via advancements in storage technology, Oracle DBAs can benefit from setting a policy once and having storage automatically adjust itself to move Oracle Database workloads dynamically in and out of flash where and when it is needed, with no tuning required and while Oracle Database instances remain online and active. Learn more in this session.

    • Yaron Dar—Senior Manager, EMC Corporation
    • Tomer Kushnir—Principle Software Engineer, EMC Corporation
    Tuesday Oct 2 @11:45 am

    Room 236, Moscone South—Our world today is increasingly fueled by data. Big data, combined with cloud computing, is fundamentally changing how business is run. A cloud-based big data strategy can help enterprises become more competitive and help IT departments become more relevant to the success of the business. This session's speaker and his team at EMC are looking into fundamental shifts happening in technologies and customer needs and how these disruptive changes will influence data management methodologies in the cloud. This presentation shares observations on five fundamental shifts in data management amid the megatrends of big data and cloud computing and discusses the future of cloud-based data management for Oracle customers.

    • Dr. Charles Fan —Senior Vice President, EMC Corporation
    Wednesday Oct 3 @11:45 am

    Room 236, Moscone South—As Oracle Database environments scale into the multi-terabyte range, it is not uncommon for IT organizations to routinely exceed their backup window. Such long backup operations leave little margin for error, and any disruption can lead to loss of data. EMC Data Domain deduplication storage systems integrate seamlessly with Oracle Recovery Manager (Oracle RMAN), reducing backup cost and accelerating recovery. This session reviews how EMC Data Domain Boost integrates with Oracle RMAN, helping provide 50 percent faster backups for Oracle DBAs; enables more backups with the same resources; and gives DBAs complete control of backup and disaster recovery procedures.

    • Caitlin Gordon—Senior Product Marketing Manager, EMC Corporation
    • Darryl Smith—EMC Chief Oracle Architect, EMC Corporation

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