To handle rapid unstructured data growth, organizations need an automated, scale-out storage platform that allows them to add capacity at zero operational cost and scale performance and throughput linearly.

Video: MLB Advanced Media Delivers Baseball Fans True ‘Big Data Cloud’

See how MLB Advanced Media serves 12 million fans with media-rich content every day, totaling 1.5 petabytes per year.


The EMC Isilon scale-out storage platform is the ideal storage for managing file data and Hadoop-based analytics. Powered by the OneFS operating system, Isilon nodes are clustered to create a high performing, single pool of storage. When your unstructured data needs to grow, you can easily add additional capacity in minutes as well as gain linear performance.

Infographic: Big Data Transforms Wind Power

Mother Nature supplies an infinite amount of weather data to scientists around the world. See how EMC Isilon helps energy companies like 3TIER harness Big Data to provide valuable insights to their customers.

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3TIER ingests massive amounts of weather and climate data and our in-house numerical weather models create even more. Transforming all that data into accurate renewable energy assessments and forecasts is a major challenge. To focus on what we do best—building applications to extract insights from the data—we needed to reduce the burden of data management. Before our EMC Isilon solution, our team had to do everything from manual data migrations to mapping directory paths, which simply wasn’t sustainable for a business growing as quickly as ours. With EMC Isilon, everything is simple. We’ve eliminated Big Data management and storage headaches, freeing up resources to focus on the services that deliver real value to our clients.PAUL ENGLISH, DIRECTOR OF IT, 3TIER


With a proven 80 percent storage utilization and with more than 1 million IOPS, Isilon provides you with the scale and performance for your Big Data. Isilon’s highly available, scale-out NAS excels at housing up to petabytes of files and other unstructured data associated with Big Data on Hadoop.

WEIGH IN: The Big Data Scale

Is data growth weighing down your organization? Take our quick assessment to evaluate your current data consumption and future needs.

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  • Native Hadoop Support: Provides native Hadoop support by integrating the Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) with the EMC Isilon OneFS operating system for easy deployment of a comprehensive Hadoop analytics solution
  • Massive Scalability: Scales easily to more than 20 petabytes of storage within a simple-to-manage, single-file system and single volume
  • Management Simplicity: Scales capacity and performance without incurring an increase to OPEX, even within a single-file system, single volume, and global namespace


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