The vLab Experience

offering guided and self-paced vlabs at emc world

At EMC World you will have the option to participate in 13 unique instructor-led vLab sessions along with 39 self-paced labs.

New for EMC World 2016

This year, the vLab Experience is excited to continue the tradition of offering hands-on-labs in both the self-service and guided (instructor-led) models. Covering a wide range of EMC products and solutions, vLabs will enable a comprehensive hands-on experience with 39 labs with fully scripted guides and detailed use cases for self-service consumption, while Guided vLabs will include an Instructor-led presentation followed by Hands-on-Lab time in the classroom with topic-focused proctors available to answer deeper-dive questions or to discuss specific related business or technical challenges. This year, the Guided vLab presentation and discussions may be interspersed between HOL modules in interval fashion to encourage meaningful student to proctor interaction and maximize learning opportunities.

13 Guided vLabs

13 Instructor-Led vLabs

At EMC World this year are 13 instructor-led vLab sessions led by EMC Education Services.

39 Self-Paced vLabs

39 Self-Paced vLabs

39 unique self-paced vLab sessions will be offered on demand. These are non-scheduled sessions that are available on a first-come, first-served basis.