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Who We Are

The Brazil Big Data Research and Development Center was established by EMC Corporation. EMC is a global leader in enabling businesses and service providers to transform their operations and deliver information technology as a service (ITaaS). Fundamental to this transformation is Cloud Computing, Big Data, and Trust. Through innovative products and services, EMC accelerates the journey to cloud computing, helping IT departments to store, manage, protect and analyze their most valuable asset — information — in a more agile, trusted and cost-efficient way. Big Data is the foundation for creating new levels of business value. With integrated storage, analytics, and applications, Big Data helps drive efficiency, quality, and personalized products and services, producing higher levels of customer satisfaction and experience. Critical to all of this is Trust. EMC products, services, and solutions help them to ensure availability of their applications and systems, identify and repel cyber security threats, and protect their data.

Leading edge in trust Leading edge in cloud Leading edge in big data

Who We Are:

In 2011, EMC Corporation announced an additional $100 million investment in Brazil to strengthen its applied research and development capabilities within the Latin American and Global marketplaces. The Brazil Research and Development Center (BRDC) will house EMC research staff whose main activity is to conduct applied research related to Big Data challenges encountered within the Oil & Gas industry. The BRDC is being created in the heart of the Rio Technology Park on the campus of the Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro. The facility houses an applied research center, solutions development laboratories, and an Executive Briefing Center (EBC) which is designed to showcase and disseminate EMC technology. This EBC is the first in Latin America.


To create revolutionary technologies to solve relevant industry problems.


  • Be a top IP provider to EMC
  • A key contributor to EMC’s Global Oil & Gas success
  • The number one Big Data IP provider to the Oil & Gas industry
  • The employer of choice within LATAM for Big Data research activities
  • The model of success for future EMC R&D Centers


  • Committed to Deliver Value to our stakeholders
  • Respectful, Inclusive and Supportive Environment
  • Excellence in Everything We Do
  • Be Audacious
  • Have Fun... Always!
  • Collaboration
  • Make a Difference in the World

The Team

The research team currently has fifteen researchers between masters and PhDs trained in the following areas of concentration.

research team
research team


EMC Brazil's research team will grow to more than forty Masters and PhD graduates trained in the following areas of concentration:

•  Database
•  Statistics
•  Geophysics/Earth Sciences
•  Software Engineering
•  Applied Mathematics
•  Distributed Artificial Intelligence Systems
•  Dynamic Modeling

In addition to these skills, the researchers will receive internal training in the emerging field of Data Science. The internal research team at BRDC will host floating visiting researchers, scholars and students from national and international universities, multi-national corporations, and international research institutions with whom the BRDC collaborates. A partial list can be accessed under "Partners".


•  Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro
•  Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio de Janeiro
•  Universidade de São Paulo
•  Unicamp
•  Universidade Federal Fluminense
•  Ministério da Ciência, Tecnologia e Inovacao
•  University of Paris (France)
•  University of Potsdam (Germany)
•  Cornell University (USA)
•  Massachusetts Institute of Technology Csail Program(USA)
•  LERO (Ireland) and others.
•  Gordon College


Karin Breitman

Karin Breitman, DSc

BRDC General Manager and EMC Vice President
Angelo Ciarlini, DSc

Angelo Ciarlini, DSc

Head of Research
Timothy Voyt

Timothy Voyt

Business Director
Fred Arruda

Fred Arruda

Operations Director
Ana Oliveira, MSc

Ana Oliveira, MSc

Research Manager, Analytics
Felix Gonçalves

Felix Gonçalves

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Karin Breitman, DScBRDC General Manager and EMC Vice President

Karin Breitman

Before joining the BRDC, Dr. Karin Breitman worked as a Professor in the Informatics Department of Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro (PUC-Rio). She is the author of over 80 research papers presented at conferences and published in scientific journals, as well as the recently published books "Video Processing in the Cloud" and "Patterns, Programming and Everything", by Springer Verlag. She has received many awards and currently serves on the Board of Directors for the Brazilian Computation Society, the Practitioners Board of ACM, IFIP and IEEE. She has received research grants from public and private companies, including NASA, CNRS, IBM, Hewlett Packard and Microsoft. Her research focuses on Software Engineering and their applications to knowledge representation, Linked Data, Semantic Web and Cloud Computing.


Angelo Ciarlini, DScHead of Research

Angelo Ciarlini

Dr. Ciarlini has a PhD in Computer Science and has responsibility for overseeing all researchers and research projects being conducted by the BRDC. He is very active in the local research community and has a broad network established with Universities, Government Agencies, Research Institutes, and industry groups. Prior to joining the BRDC, Angelo was a Professor at the Federal University of the State of Rio where he was instrumental in helping to build the Information Systems Undergraduate and Graduate Programs. In addition, he conducted active research on Databases and Artificial Intelligence and taught both undergrad and graduate level courses. Angelo has been conducting applied research in the areas of Databases, Logic and Artificial Intelligence, complex data structures, knowledge and reasoning representation, Simulation, Planning and Decision Support. He has authored over 50 research papers presented at conferences and published in journals.


Timothy VoytBusiness Director

Timothy Voyt

Mr. Timothy Voyt is a seasoned business executive with more than 22 years of experience in providing technology and services to the Oil & Gas industry, both domestically and internationally. Mr. Voyt joined EMC in 2005 as the Oil and Gas Director where he had global responsibility for all aspects of the EMC’s Global Oil & Gas Program. Most recently, Mr. Voyt joined EMC’s Brazil R&D Center leadership team to help create and build the leading Big Data Oil & Gas Research Institute in the world. Prior to joining EMC, Mr. Voyt served as Executive Vice President of Operations for Tobin International where he had operational accountability for all of Tobin’s Data Products, Software Products, Services, and International Operating Divisions. Mr. Voyt also spent 10 years with Landmark Graphics / Halliburton building and managing pre- and post sales services businesses within North America, Europe, Africa, and Russia.


Fred ArrudaOperations Director

Fred Arruda

A graduate in Computer Science from Catholic University of Pernambuco, Fred has a specialization in Finance at IBMEC-RJ, a specialization in Marketing from Fundação Getúlio Vargas (FGV), and an MBA in Business Management with emphasis on Strategy. Since 1991, he has served as an executive with several companies, having worked in the financial, telecommunications, and health technology sectors. In the area of innovation, he was Superintendent of CESAR (Center for Advanced Studies and Systems of Recife) for 10 years, was manager of the Fund NascenTI (investment in innovative startups in Rio de Janeiro) and served as a Director of Innovation for Oi. Between 1984 and 1990 he worked as a programmer and systems analyst in the industrial and financial sectors. In EMC R&D Center he is the Operations Director, with responsibility for back office, finance and contracting operations.


Ana Oliveira, MScResearch Manager, Analytics

Ana Oliveira, MSc

Ana Oliveira has extensive experience in applied statistics in the areas of Planning and Analysis research, deployment methodologies, optimization and process control, participating in over 40 projects in the petrochemical and pharmaceutical industries. Currently her research focus is the application of statistical techniques, classical and / or modern large databases for classification, feature extraction and construction of predictive models. Ana is also the coordinator of the CEE 83, Comissão de Estudo Especial de Aplicações e Métodos Estatísticos of ABNT/ONS-34, Organismo de normalização setorial de petróleo. Prior to joining the BRDC, Ana worked at the Pontifícia Universidade Católica (PUC-Rio) first in the Department of Electrical Engineering and in recent years in the Department of Mathematics.


Felix GonçalvesCTO

Felix Gonçalves





Executive Briefing Center

Who we are?

The Executive Briefing Program listens to you and discusses solutions to your most pressing business and technology challenges.

The program creates an interactive experience designed to connect EMC experts with your counterparts to make every briefing engagement a customized event.

This briefing center, focused on the LATAM market space and collocated with the EMC Oil and Gas R&D center, welcomes all industries to join us in Rio de Janeiro.

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EMC Geek Week

From May 25th to 29th, EMC’s Brazil R&D Center held its celebrations for the Geek Week with lots of entertainment, from regular card games and mobile videogames, up to more popular board games, such as Pandemic. We also had our specific decoration to match the theme!

During the Geek Week, BRDC hosted a Bang! tournament. Bang! is a popular turn-based strategy card game, with a wild west theme, where your goal varies from eliminating the Sheriff to being the last one standing after the firefight. The tournament was won by none other than Wilson Lee Chung, BRDC’s Project Manager, after a very intense final match. Congratulations, Chung!

Since the event was held during lunch time (12:00 – 13:00), BRDC staff came up with crowdfunded lunchtime meals, including a closing event with lots of pizza, which was a huge success.

Gustavo Tutuca, Secretary of State for Science & Technology, Rio De Janeiro

“The EMC R&D Center is linking the academic world and private enterprise, establishing a research environment for innovation that participates actively in the technological transformation process of Brazil, which is being led by Rio de Janeiro.” Gustavo Tutuca, Secretary of State for Science and Technology.

“The arrival of EMC with its research center was instrumental in the solidification process establishing Rio de Janeiro as a major national hub of R & D. It's what we want for the state: private investment, appreciation of skilled labor, and innovation.” Luiz Fernando Pezão, governor of the state of Rio de Janeiro.

Rio's Rise to Intelligent Global City: Building Knowledge From the Ground Up

In 2016 Rio de Janeiro will host the Summer Olympics, the first time a South American city will host the games. In 2014, Brazil hosted the World Cup, with the central venue for the tournament located in Rio. Now, Rio has been named one of the world's Top 7 Intelligent Communities of 2015, as determined by the Intelligent Community Forum (ICF). As connectivity becomes increasingly paramount to a community's economic prosperity and democratic inclusivity, Rio is leading the way on digital innovation. As a host of major international sporting events, Rio has leveraged public and private funding to build legacy facilities and programs that will continue to benefit both its rich and disenfranchised residents for years to come.

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Brazilian Patents

Three patent applications developed by our employees of the research center, were approved by the Corporation this quarter starting up the patent process. The first big data in the application area and large-scale simulation for Logistics (Angelo Ciarlini, Adriana Prado, Vinicius Gottin, Rodrigo Senra), the second in the area of wireless sensor networks (Diego Salomone), and the third in identification of seismic standards (Angelo Ciarlini, Jonas Dias).


BRDC Newsletter - December 2013

Big Events And Big Data Are Redefining Rio

What We Do


What We Do

The BRDC focuses on challenges associated with the acquisition, mobility, analysis, collaboration, and visualization of geophysical, geological, engineering and business data. Research themes include:

•  Creation and management of oil and gas data throughout its lifecycle
•  Predictive analysis and simulation
•  Risk assessment and management
•  Correlation of heterogeneous real time and historical data sets
•  Creation of highly optimized seismic processing platforms
•  Real time decision systems for drilling, completion, and production operations

Success in the oil and gas market is often determined by the timely access to geographically dispersed data and personnel. Therefore, the BRDC combines Big Data Analytics and Cloud Infrastructure research to seek new ways to extract the maximum value from data generated by oil and gas companies. Brazil’s abundant energy resources and rapid growth in the IT sector provides the perfect location to further research in IT to help these resources be found and more efficiently extracted.


Research Methodologies

BRDC Researchers leverage the following technologies, algorithms and best practices within our research projects focused on Big Data within the oil and gas market:

•  Infrastructure: Computer Architectures, Operating Systems, Networks and Distributed Systems: infrastructure for Big Data management
•  Algorithms: complexity and parallelism
•  Databases: data warehouse, analytics processing, data mining, query processing and data provenance
•  Artificial Intelligence: machine learning, time series prediction, planning and scheduling
•  Information Systems: process modeling Math and Statistics: analytics, probabilistic modeling
•  Geophysics and Geology: seismic processing & interpretation
•  Engineering: simulation, control & optimization


summer school on big data

2nd Annual Big Data Summer School

Take the opportunity to become familiar with the research on Big Data and understand how it is already transforming Information Technology. EMC will be sponsoring the 2nd Annual Big Data Summer School in Rio during the summer of 2014. Watch this page for further details on how to apply in the near future...

summer school on big data

EMC sponsors art exposition in Rio de Janeiro

EMC was a proud co-sponsor of the Herança do Sagrado: Obras Primas do Vaticano e de Museus Italianos arts exposition Visitors enjoyed masterpieces of the most renowned artists such as Bernini, Correggio, Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Pinturicchio, Perugino, Sassoferrato e Beato Angélico, among others. In addition, EMC is also supporting the Vatican Apostolic Library in digitizing its catalogue of 80,000 historic manuscripts and 8,900 incunabula. Learn more about this fantastic project here:



Transform your Career at the BRDC

Did you know there will be 988 billion gigabytes of digital information created in the world this year alone? A truly impressive number. What is even more impressive is all the exciting opportunities this creates. Working for EMC means working for an industry visionary rather than just an industry player.
EMC ranks among the ten most valuable technology companies, alongside Cisco, Microsoft, Intel, and Oracle. To continue to thrive and grow, we need a diverse, driven team of talented employees. We continue to seek the best in order to expand our team and accomplish this mission.




Research Manager

Manager of Researchers and Research Projects in Big Data with experience in analytics,  databases, artificial intelligence, Operating Systems, Storage, or parallel programming

Ph.D. in Math, Computer Science or equivalent with experience in Big Data Sciences.  Geo-science knowledge a plus.

Senior Researcher

Database researcher with experience in design, data ingestion methods, analytics, and Big Data Management

Ph.D. in Math, Computer Science or equivalent with experience in Big Data Sciences. Geo-science knowledge a plus.


Researcher with experience in Operating Systems, Storage sub-systems, and/or parallel programming languages

Ph.D.  in Math, Computer Science, Engineering, Informatics, or equivalent.  Geo-science knowledge a plus.


Researcher with experience in artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Ph.D.  in Computer Science, Engineering, Informatics, or equivalent.  Geo-science knowledge a plus.

Research Interns

Researchers with experience in Operating Systems, Storage, parallel programming, analytics, artificial intelligence, or databases

MSc.or Ph.D. in Math, Computer Science, Engineering, Informatics, or equivalent.

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