What We Do:

The BRDC focuses on challenges associated with the acquisition, mobility, analysis, collaboration, and visualization of geophysical, geological, engineering and business data. Research themes include:

  • Creation and management of oil and gas data throughout its lifecycle
  • Predictive analysis and simulation
  • Risk assessment and management
  • Correlation of heterogeneous real time and historical data sets
  • Creation of highly optimized seismic processing platforms
  • Real time decision systems for drilling, completion, and production operations

Success in the oil and gas market is often determined by the timely access to geographically dispersed data and personnel. Therefore, the BRDC combines Big Data Analytics and Cloud Infrastructure research to seek new ways to extract the maximum value from data generated by oil and gas companies. Brazil’s abundant energy resources and rapid growth in the IT sector provides the perfect location to further research in IT to help these resources be found and more efficiently extracted.

Research Methodologies:

BRDC Researchers leverage the following technologies, algorithms and best practices within our research projects focused on Big Data within the oil and gas market:

  • Infrastructure: Computer Architectures, Operating Systems, Networks and Distributed Systems: infrastructure for Big Data management
  • Algorithms: complexity and parallelism
  • Databases: data warehouse, analytics processing, data mining, query processing and data provenance
  • Artificial Intelligence: machine learning, time series prediction, planning and scheduling
  • Information Systems: process modeling Math and Statistics: analytics, probabilistic modeling
  • Geophysics and Geology: seismic processing & interpretation
  • Engineering: simulation, control & optimization