What's new in RSA Authentication Manager 8.1?

Grow your existing RSA SecurID® platform with risk-based profiling and authentication. Fast and effortless to deploy and simplicity itself to administer, the new RSA® Authentication Manager 8.1 now delivers intelligent, transparent, behind-the-scenes authentication to enhance every secure access scenario.

  • Instantly enhance the security of any basic username/password logins.
  • Allow occasional users, staff and customers to quickly create and administer their own secure, multi-factor login.
  • Based on a real-time risk assessment, automatically invoke step-up authentication where warranted.
  • Confidently allow 90% of user authentication attempts to proceed without challenge.
  • Widen the number of users enjoying secure authenticated access without the expense of additional hardware tokens.
  • Deliver instant visibility with centralized management enterprise-wide for all compliance-critical, two-factor authenticated access.
New – Centralized Dashboard
  • Administer all users from a central, single view dashboard
  • Empower end-users to create, manage and troubleshoot their own multi-factor login via the self service console
  • Cut average help desk resolution times from 8-10 minutes to just 60-120 seconds
New – Embrace your Virtual Environment
  • Use VMware ESX and ESXi virtualization to deploy and manage RSA Authentication Manager 8.1
  • Benefit from VMware tools, including snapshots, VMotion, High Availability and more
  • Simplify patching and updates with the Certified VMWare® Ready Virtual Appliance platform
  • Support mixed deployment of Authentication Manager 8.1 hardware and virtual appliance

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