Who needs RSA Authentication Manager 8.1?

Whether you're a prospective online customer, a senior employee, an external consultant or an IT administrator, new RSA Authentication Manager 8.1 alongside RSA SecurID® makes life easier, more convenient and more secure.

    IT administratorarrow
    External consultantarrow
    Online customerarrow
IT administrator
  • Protect more of your business from advanced threats
  • Simplify authentication administration and deployment
  • Dramatically reduce Help Desk calls to lower time and costs
  • Enjoy the benefits of more self-service options
  • Increase productivity with anytime, anywhere access
  • Gain secure access from multiple devices and platforms
External consultant
  • Work remotely - securely
  • Use your own access devices freely
Online Customer
  • Prevent unauthorized access to your personal information and accounts
  • Transact securely without inconvenience

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