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Area 52: Few Will Enter; None May Return

Somewhere in an unmarked desert location, inaccessible to satellite photography, and serving only NASA-approved space food is... EMC AREA 52. Join Agent C and Agent D for covert datacenter intrusions, killer demos and light refreshments.

Mission 1 Open:
Expand the Data Lake to (redacted)

In which Agent C and Agent D embark on a semi-epic adventure to the extreme Edge – where even Core Data Lakes can now boldly go...

Mission 1 Demo:
Isilon SD Edge: Data Lakes Make a Quantum Leap

EMC’s Isilon SD Edge expands the Data Lake from the Core Datacenter out to the remote Edge and CloudPools.

Mission 2 Open:
Quantum Effects of DSSD on Canadian Agents

Follow Agent C, Agent C-Prime, and EMC’s DSSD CTO, Jeff Bonwick as they marvel at one of the most game-changing products in EMC’s Emerging Technologies portfolio – the near-miraculous DSSD Array.

Mission 2 Demo:
DSSD - Feel the Quantum Force

Take a Quantum Leap into the face-melting future of technology – where DSSD makes quantum advances in IOPS, density, and bandwidth.

Mission 3 Open:
Projects Neutrino & Photon Get Airborne

Agent D finds his way into EMC’s Top-Secret “Q Branch,” where guru Josh Bernstein presides over EMC {code}... and an army of drones.

Mission 3 Demo:
Project Neutrino Gets Cloud Native

Meet Project Neutrino: A quantum leap in simple, self-generating Cloud Native stack patterns.