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EMC Research Partners

June 16, 2010

EMC's research and advanced technology groups participate in several university research programs and consortia. Some recent examples:

Carnegie Mellon University — EMC is a longstanding participant in Carnegie Mellon University's Parallel Data Lab, benefiting from the lab's insights into many areas of storage systems research.
Learn more>Parallel Data Lab

Daoli Project team — Four universities in China—Fudan University, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Tsinghua University, and Wuhan University—join EMC Research China in explorations of trusted infrastructure technologies. The team's research collaborations are now available for others to view and comment on in a public wiki.
Learn more>Daoli Project

MIT Media Lab – EMC is a corporate sponsor of the MIT Media Lab with interests in diverse areas such as new models for data ownership and usage, and technologies to help consumers take control of their own healthcare management.
Learn more>MIT Media Lab

Peking University – The Database Lab works with EMC Research China on various aspects of information management in cloud computing.
Learn more>Peking University

Plug and Play Tech Center-- EMC is a corporate partner of the Plug and Play Tech Center, a Silicon Valley community of more than 280 technology startup companies.
Learn more>Plug and Play Center

Renmin University of China — The Lab for Web and Mobile Data Management partners with EMC Research China on personal information management.
Learn more>Lab for Web and Mobile Data Management

RFID Consortium for Security and Privacy — As part of this partnership between academic and industrial scientists specializing in RFID security and privacy, participants including faculty from Johns Hopkins University and University of Massachusetts, Amherst are conducting open research and educating the next-generation workforce to develop, deploy, and maintain secure RFID infrastructures.
Learn more>RFID Consortium

University of Michigan — Technologists in the EMC Celerra business unit are working with researchers at University of Michigan's Center for Information Technology Integration (CITI) on integrating advanced features of the NFSv4 file system including parallel access with pNFS, security and transport enhancements, and automated testing.
Learn more>CITI

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