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Cloud computing

Our digital universe in 2020 will be bigger than ever, more valuable than ever, and more volatile than ever.

By 2020, we’ll also be storing a smaller and smaller percentage of our expanding digital universe; yet our digital shadow will be larger than life and on the move given the increase in mobility, and they will require more protection than ever before. IT managers will be responsible not only for ensuring that proper security surrounds our digital lives but also for managing the storing, analyzing, and delivery of zettabytes of content ... no easy task.

Requests for data could come from a faraway jungle, across a mashup of connected devices and network points, to a device that has an obtuse screen. The delivery of the requested data must happen in an acceptable amount of time, guaranteeing that it is consumed flawlessly; if not, then a business may lose a customer. Consider this:

  • The network is growing in importance. Latencies must get shorter, not longer. Data must be analyzed, security applied, and authentication verified — all in real time and in levels yet to be seen. Network infrastructure must be a key investment to prepare for our 2020 digital universe.
  • Big Data is going to be a big boon for the IT industry. Web sites that gather significant data need to find ways to monetize this asset. Data scientists must be absolutely sure that the intersection of disparate data sets yields repeatable results if new businesses are going to emerge and thrive. Further, companies that deliver the most creative and meaningful ways to display the results of Big Data analytics will be coveted and sought after.
  • The laws and regulations governing information security must harmonize around the globe, though differences (or absences) will certainly exist. IT managers must realize that data will be requested outside geographic boundaries, and a global knowledge of information security may be the difference between approval and denial of a data request.
  • IT managers must find ways to drive more efficiency in their infrastructures so that IT administrators can focus on more value-add initiatives such as “bring your own device” (BYOD) policies, Big Data analytics, customer onboarding efficiency, security, etc. One way this is likely to happen is through converged infrastructures, which integrate storage, servers, and networks.

Are you ready to create, consume, and manage 40 trillion gigabytes of data?