A Guide To Staying Secure Amidst Growing Threats

  • A Guide To Staying Secure Amidst Growing Threats

The threat landscape and digital universe are growing rapidly.

Today more than ever, IT and security teams are challenged by the growing sophistication and volume of cyber attacks on businesses, governments, individuals, and infrastructures. IT professionals see a steady increase in the types and number of malicious website infections and botnet activity. Exposure grows daily with more elaborate phishing, pharming, and Trojan attacks perpetrated by both external and internal online fraudsters. Risk of IP theft increases as businesses share information with individuals and partners across the globe—often through devices that are personally owned, yet connected to corporate devices.

With the threat landscape growing—and no abatement of the growth of digital information in sight—advanced security management is clearly the way forward for organizations that must proactively remediate, prioritize, and track incidents with minimum impact to the business. With the right strategy, conceptual architectures, systems, and programs, advanced security management can lower costs and significantly reduce exposures through automation. Organizations benefit from a comprehensive view of threats that are relevant to the business, as well as reporting and analytics that help demonstrate compliance.

Using the air traffic control system analogy, advanced security management systems deliver better security by providing a single point of visibility and coordination for physical, virtual, and cloud assets. A layered model where business processes, policy, controls, and data work in concert achieves the vision of air traffic control system for information security.

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