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Smarts Smarts Storage Insight for Availability Automated IT Management for the Software-defined Data Center

Smarts Storage Insight for Availability

EMC Smarts Storage Insight for Availability dramatically reduces downtime and improves availability across your Fibre Channel storage area network (SAN) by automating the process of identifying the source and impact of availability problems across storage and network environments.

Extending EMC’s automated root-cause analysis capabilities to the SAN also means that organizations can eliminate manual analysis, reduce management costs, see and understand how SAN infrastructure problems affect departments and business services, and quickly restore critical business services on NetApp and HDS storage arrays supported by EMC ControlCenter.

Storage Insight for Availability correlates problems and impacts across the data center and the network to improve productivity, reduce the number of trouble tickets, and streamline processes. The result is fast, accurate diagnosis and repair throughout your SAN infrastructure.