DevOps Services

Automate platform provisioning and use continuous delivery techniques to improve software development processes.

Your business requires fast response to market demands. You cannot wait for a quarterly software maintenance release or for new features to be added with the next product release to support customer requirements. But traditional IT is not architected to support the agility required to meet these market demands. You need to eliminate the bottleneck of sequential development which consists of an iterative process including design, coding, system test, load test and user acceptance test leading up to deployment.

To move beyond this infinite loop of costly delays, you will need to transform the way you develop software. You need to build cloud native applications.

Cloud-native describes the patterns of high performing organizations delivering software faster, consistently and reliably at scale. DevOps, Continuous Delivery and Microservices provide the how, why and what of cloud native. DevOps is how we approach the cultural and technical changes required to fully implement a cloud-native strategy. Continuous delivery is why software is becoming cloud-native and microservices is the software architecture pattern used most successfully to expand development and delivery operation and avoid slow, risk, monolithic deployment strategies.

The DevOps movement emphasizes communication, collaboration and integration between software developers and IT operations. Rather than seeing these two groups as silos who pass things along but don’t really work together, DevOps recognizes the interdependence of software development and IT operations and helps an organization produce software and IT services more rapidly, with frequent iterations. There is a shared responsibility meaning that now, there is a common set of tools, a more collaborative culture that often centers around the automation of the process of software delivery and infrastructure changes.

The DevOps movement has enabled organizations to break down organizational silos, automate software testing, streamline software release management and drive agility into the software development lifecycle. Use the proven methodology from EMC consultants to improve your application development and deployment lifecycle.