• VxRack System consists of hyper-converged rack-scale engineered systems, with integrated networking, to achieve the scalability and management requirements of traditional and cloud native workloads. The VxRack series is purposely designed to enable customers to quickly deploy Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) and/or Private Cloud architectures. VxRack Systems tightly integrate hardware with software and management layers.

    • The result is a fully tested, pre-configured, hyper-converged system with simplified operations at data center and Service Provider scale. VxRack Systems support the deployment of a variety of application workloads, allowing IT to rapidly deliver new services while improving overall agility and efficiency.


    VxRack Systems are powered by Intel® Xeon® processors and integrated with Dell PowerEdge Servers to enable flexibility for multiple use cases while providing both hybrid and flash capacity. Industry standard configurations are available, providing the flexibility to add compute-heavy, storage-heavy or balanced configurations (in both all-flash and hybrid models) as needed to match workload requirements. Benefits include better all-flash economics with 2.5X more usable flash capacity compared to previous versions.  The latest Intel Broadwell processors also provide 40% more CPU performance without increasing footprint or cost. Lastly, improved application acceleration with SanDisk DAS Cache helps reduce latency and improves performance of I/O-intensive applications.  With Dell PowerEdge integration, VxRack Systems now deliver the entire hyper-converged stack, from software through servers, enabling organizations to rapidly deploy Infrastructure-as-a-Service and/or Private Cloud architectures on top of a rack-scale hyper-converged system while reducing risk.



      VxRack FLEX powered by Dell EMC ScaleIO software-defined storage to creates a flexible, open and heterogeneous foundation for delivering IaaS at rack scale. The system is architected to deliver the performance, reliability, and efficiency required to support a wide range of traditional and cloud native workloads at extreme scale.  The result is a fully tested, pre-configured, hyper-converged system that delivers automated provisioning, and simplified management required for modern data centers.

      • Utilizes Dell EMC ScaleIO for a fully functional software-defined enterprise grade SAN using Dell PowerEdge Servers
      • Creates a flexible foundation for delivering IaaS at scale
      • Start small and grow to extreme scale (1000+ nodes)
      • Hyper-visor agnostic


      VxRack SDDC powered by VMware Cloud Foundation provides the easiest and fastest way to stand up a complete VMware based software defined data center (SDDC) environment at rack scale. This turnkey hyper-converged system is fully integrated complete with hardware and software. Powered by the latest VMware Cloud Foundation software, VxRack SDDC reduces the cost of acquiring and operating VMware Cloud Foundation deployments, while at the same time introducing the performance, flexibility, and automation required to make IT departments more agile.

      • Easily creates a foundation for a complete VMware private cloud
      • Fully integrated with VMware vSphere, vSAN, and NSX
      • Includes physical and virtual network infrastructure for multi-rack scaling
      • New VMware SDDC Manager for single pane of glass management
  • Hyper-Converged backed by the Dell EMC experience


      Ultimate agility and simplicity, accelerating time-to-value

      VxRack Systems have a modular design and provide flexibility to add units incrementally — so you can rapidly deploy the infrastructure you need, at scale. As a natural continuum of Dell EMC Vscale Architecture, VxRack Systems and existing Dell EMC systems accelerate data center transformation. With the VxRack series, you’ll enjoy rapid time-to-value and simplify IT management — avoiding application and operational silos.


      Integrated rack-scale fabric

      Architected for extreme scalability, VxRack Systems leverage a Cisco rack-scale spine-and-leaf network fabric.  This is a distinct advantage at scale versus hyper-converged appliances that leave the networking domain outside the system and support boundary. This architecture yields additional advantages in continued application performance at enterprise-scale, with no latency or bogging down due to network overhead.


      Simple to manage, upgrade, and sustain

      Like other Dell EMC systems, VxRack Systems are engineered, manufactured, managed, supported, and sustained as one by Dell EMC. The Release Certification Matrix (RCM) validation and Dell EMC Support for all VxRack Systems help mitigate risk and give you ongoing peace of mind.


      Start small and grow big

      VxRack Systems give you flexibility to design and implement software defined data centers based on your application needs, budget, and growth demands. With the VxRack series, you can start with a deployment as small as four or eight nodes (depending on system) to meet today’s demands, and expand up to 1,000+ nodes for future needs. You can adjust compute and storage resources linearly or independently in line with the business.