Unparalleled performance and reliability

Get ahead of the increasing complexity and scale of performance intensive applications now and into the future—with DSSD D5, our revolutionary rack-scale flash platform.


Transform your business leveraging massive amounts of data

With the revolutionary capabilities of DSSD D5 Goodbye I/O bottlenecks, hello real-time analytics. With DSSD D5, powered by Intel® Xeon® processors, you can transform terabytes of data into valuable business insights—at millions of operations per second.

High Performance Solutions

High performance databases and data warehouse

With next generation storage from DSSD D5, you can improve the performance of mission-critical applications like fraud detection and high-volume order processing in a radically simplified environment. You’ll also unlock your competitive agility with real-time analytic insights, leveraging big data and guaranteed SLAs.

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High performance big data applications on Hadoop

Evolve beyond the Data Lake and power solutions like real-time apps and streaming analytics. With its API interface plug-in for Hadoop, DSSD D5 can transform your Hadoop big data implementation into a key component of your analytics processes—with almost no network related latencies and no need to purchase additional storage to achieve the CPU density and DRAM needed for complex computations.

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High performance custom applications

With extreme bandwidth density and unmatched performance, DSSD D5 powers mission-critical analytics applications deployed by business and research organizations, such as for trade simulations, product design and testing, cancer treatment, drug development and more. DSSD D5 will meet your equally complex data ingestion and analysis demands and empower you to bring innovations to market even faster.

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Cloudera has tested the DSSD D5 appliance in our lab, and we've seen an order of magnitude increase in performance. It’s the fastest HBase cluster we’ve ever tested.”

Mike Olson, Chief Strategy Officer, Cloudera
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DSSD's D5 storage product is screaming fast and we see immediate benefits the D5 can bring to IT environments within our Financial Services, Technology/Telco and Federal verticals.”

Bob Olwig, VP of Business Strategy & Marketing, WWT
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