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We Take Content Seriously.

Having managed critical content for over 7,000 of the world’s most demanding organizations, we have a different viewpoint about content. A content strategy is not just about managing office documents, storing files in the cloud, and collaborating.

It’s much more than that…

What Does Complete Look Like?

Most enterprises do not have a complete content strategy. While some of the important pieces may be there, generally many are missing or poorly executed. In order to stay competitive, every piece of a strategy must work in concert to ensure that there aren’t any unnecessary risks or blind spots.

Every Piece Matters

Unleash Content

A complete strategy…

Unleashes content for greater impact throughout the organization.

80% By 2020, information will be used to reinvent, digitalize or eliminate 80% of business processes and products from a decade earlier

Gartner Research
“Use Analytic Business Processes to Drive Business Performance”
February, 2015


High Performance

A complete strategy…

Performs in the most demanding environments.

20% of employees openly admitted that they have
uploaded proprietary corporate data to a SaaS app,
like Dropbox or Google Docs, and 66% of employees
were able to access those very same applications
after leaving their jobs.

Information Age
January, 2015


World Class Security

A complete strategy…

Embeds security to meet the highest organizational, legal and customer standards.

2020 By 2020, enterprises and government will
fail to protect 75% of sensitive data.

October, 2013


Content Agnostic

A complete strategy…

Embraces true breadth of content.

90% of all digital information is unstructured content
according to IDC. This content is locked in a variety
of formats, locations, and applications made up
of separate repositories.

July, 2014


Single Source of Truth

A complete strategy…

Gives everyone a single source of truth.

61% of knowledge workers regularly access
four or more systems to get the information
they need to do their jobs.

July, 2014


Global Compliance

A complete strategy…

Delivers globally while managing different jurisdictions, and requirements.

$7,000 annually per employee, is the estimated
cost of compliance by W. Mark Crain and
Thomas D. Hopkins, public policy researchers.

SBA Study
September, 2010


Always On Mobility

A complete strategy…

Serves a workforce that is mobile, distributed, collaborative, and “always on”.

17,000 Ft. Even Mount Everest is online—with 4G
connectivity at 17,000 feet.

BCG Perspectives
February, 2015


What Makes EMC Different than the Rest?

While some solutions may offer one or even two of the promises below, it’s by providing the combination of all three that make EMC the unquestionable leader.

Content the Way You Want It


Architected for Choice

  • Embraces the full breadth of content
  • Engineered for the intricacies of your business with rich content relationships and highly granular security, access policies and process controls
  • Deployable in the Cloud, on-premise or anywhere in between
  • Accessible anytime, anywhere, on any device

Solutions that Put More Content to Work


Architected for Real Results

  • Superior, best-in-class products; not the “best of the rest”
  • Engineered for business-critical content
  • Manage entire Information Lifecycle: capture, manage, publish, protect, access, archive and disposition
  • Prebuilt industry solutions with proven processes and embedded best practices
  • Fit-for-purpose mobile applications for critical business activities

Trust without Compromise


Architected for Integrity

  • Governance is built in, not an afterthought
  • Fully auditable chain of custody: from creation to final disposition
  • Granular content segmentation: by business unit, by location, by operational policy, or by any combination thereof
  • Secured at its core: policy-driven controls at the object level
  • Fine-grained data domiciling, in full compliance with privacy and locality requirements

Built for the Most Demanding Organizations

A complete content strategy
transforms content and your organization.

Business and process transformation uses comprehensive content management.

A next generation content platform and marketplace of apps and solutions.

IT transformation takes advantage of application modernization and archiving.

EMC named a leader

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